Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Domenico Paolo Violi of Hamilton granted day parole

The Toronto Star is reporting that "Domenico Paolo Violi of Hamilton, the son of a murdered underworld boss, has been granted day parole, three years after pleading guilty to trafficking drugs with a “made” member of a New York Mafia family. Violi, 55, had been sentenced to eight years in prison in December 2018. He is a first-time offender. Violi is the son of murdered underworld boss Paolo Violi, and the grandson of the late Giacomo Luppino of Hamilton, considered by police and the courts to be a leader in the Mafia strain called the ‘Ndrangheta. Domenico Violi was denied his request for full parole."

The Calabrians of Hamilton were warring with the Rizzutos in Montreal. The Quebec Hells Angels supported the Rizzutos as in the hit Netflix series Bad Blood. The Ontario Hells Angels supported the Calabrians of Hamilton. That's why the Quebec charter started capping them when they got out of prison. Gumby supported the Ontario Village Idiots.

We're still waiting on the decision about Gumby's conspiracy to commit murder charge in Vancouver. We're also still waiting on the results of Cory Vallee's appeal. Dr Spin reported that James Riach lost his appeal in the Philippines. Bad luck for the Gingerbread man.

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