Monday, September 13, 2021

Vito Rizzuto: Bad Blood

The TV Series Bad Blood is now on Netflix. It's about Vito Rizzuto's control on the drug trade in Montreal. It's a drama based on a true story. As I said on my Finian's Inferno website, Vito was a Don. He was the real deal. Mom Boucher and Greg Wolley saw that and teamed up with him.

I have two points to make. After Mom Boucher went to prison, the Quebec Hells Angels maintained their support for Vito. After the Quebec Hells Anglsl were busted, the Ontario Hells Angels switched sides. They no longer supported Vito Rizzuto. They supported the Calabrians out of Hamilton. That created Bad blood when the Quebec Hells Angels got out of prison.

I certainly don't agree with everything Vito did, but I'm not doing to disrespect a Don. Without the Dons there is no order. Vito was old school. You wouldn't see him firebombing a funeral home or using a sniper to shoot a rival in front of his family at the dinner table.

Wikipedia describes the Quebec Biker War. They correctly assert that "In the early 1980s, Maurice Boucher and Salvatore Cazzetta were leaders of a white supremacist outlaw motorcycle gang called the SS. In 1986, following a prison sentence for sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl, Boucher joined the Quebec branch of the Hells Angels, quickly rising to become the club's president." Mom Boucher got his patch after getting out of prison for armed rape.

Salvatore was unimpressed with the Lennoxville massacre. Witnessing that betrayal, he decided not to join the Hells Angels at that time. Mommy Dearest saw it as an opportunity for him to advance. Wikipedia claims that created a rift between Salvatore and Boucher but that's not entirely true. Salvatore formed the Rock Machine which launched a Biker War with the Hells Angels over drug turf. That is true but look at who they killed and their end game.

When Mom Boucher went to prison, Salvatore and all the founding members of the Rock Machine changed sides and joined the Hells Angels. As we have learned from the David Giles declaration, not all Hells Angels are involved with criminal activity but anyone who uses the name of the club for criminal activity, must have that activity approved by the local executive.

After the Lennoxville massacre, Mom Boucher wanted in but he wanted a piece of the pie. He wanted the drug profits but he could only get that if he held a leadership position within the club. Salvatore's Rock Machine became a rival but they only killed Mom Boucher's political opponents. This allowed Salvatore and Boucher to both profit from the drug trade until the Rock Machine's death squad eliminated all their political rivals allowing them to take over.

Many years ago, when I first started the blog, an author from Montreal came out to visit me and we went out for dinner. He told me two things. He had met a young girl on the streets and became concerned when she disappeared. He then started looking for her in Hells Angel brothels. He described the deplorable conditions of one brothel that shocked him.

He saw a girl who was chained to the bed, had a bucket to go to the bathroom in and was paid in crack cocaine. That was nasty. He also told me that he had a source within the Rock Machine that claimed their death squad was killing Mom Boucher's rivals on his orders. At the time I thought it was plausible but difficult to prove. Until Salvatore crossed over and became president of the Montreal Hells Angels. That's when it all made sense.

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