Sunday, September 19, 2021

Election Day 2021

Update: Canadian election results 2021

Since Monday is election day in Canada, I thought I'd review what happened last election. Last election, Andrew Sheer received 34.4% of the vote while Justin Trudeau received 33% of the vote. Although the Liberals got more seats compared to the Conservatives despite the fact that the Conservative received a higher popularity vote, the Liberals lost 20 seats. The NDP lost 15 seats while the Conservatives gained 26 seats and the Bloc gained 22 seats from the previous election significantly weakening Justin Trudeau's minority government. That was just two years ago. This time I think the Conservatives and the Bloc should form government.
People ask me why Justin called an early election? He saw it worked for John Horgan so he thought it would work for him. Not. John Horgan tricked us. The BC NDP were pretty nonconfrontational with overstepping from Covid. Until they got a majority, Then we saw their true colours. Socialists remove freedom. That's what they do. We can see that now. We won't get fooled again. As I said, Justin Trudeau hate is on the rise because he is a Socialist.

When he was first elected, he promised us the world and had a rock star popularity. Then people started to see through him and started really becoming vocal about their hatred of him. That's why we saw him lose so many seats last election. This election is even worse. More people hate him now than two years ago. The guy is a lying freak. He's a fake feminist, fake environmentalist and a fake person. All the does is spend other people's money. People are getting sick of it.
Sabrina Maddeaux explained that millennials are older now. They have jobs, families and mortgages. They care about the economy and taxes. Nova Scotia's last election saw a surge in Conservatives. Covid's attack on civil liberty has started to wake people up.

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