Tuesday, August 31, 2021

An Overview of Canada's next federal election

People don't normally care about politics but now that we are losing our rights every day, people are a lot more concerned and a lot more angry. On that note I thought I'd give an overview of what's at stake in the next election and explain the political landscape. We all know the media is screwed. They have a biased agenda that I reject. So, let us begin.

Politics is usually described in a linear depiction of left versus right. Conservatives were on the right, the NDP is on the far left and the Liberals were supposed to be in the middle. In Canada that has changed. The federal NDP is still far left but so is Justin Trudeau. He is in many ways left of the NDP. Justin Trudeau is on the wrong side of the Berlin Wall. He is a straight up Communist.
Justin Trudeau's admiration for the dictatorship of China is Orwellian. He is not a Liberal, he is a Communist. Erin O'Toole was supposed to be a Conservative. He is not. Maxime Bernier is a Conservative. Erin O'Toole is a Centralist. That's what the Liberals were supposed to be.

Jagmeet Singh is a far leftist He wears a turban but he opposes the Sikh values it represents. We have a lot of Indo Canadians in Surrey but Jagmeet isn't from Surrey, Dave Hayer is an Indo Canadian from Surrey I support. He doesn't wear a turban but he promotes Sikh values.
Over the years I've always explained politics as a circle not a line. Draw a line in the sand and call that Democracy. Draw two lines that leave that point and form a circle above it. Where those lines meet you have Dictatorship. The further you get away from that line in the sand to the left or the right, the further you get away from Democracy and the closer you get to Dictatorship. Communism and Fascism are the same thing. Today I have a new submission.
Today I'm going to go back to the line we're all familiar with. On the Right we have Conservative and on the left we have Socialist. Conservatives believe in less government, more freedom and less taxes. Socialists believe in more government, less freedom and more taxes.

Socialism ends in Slavery. Previously everyone throws Fascism on the right but let's be honest, Fascism and Communism are the same thing. Hitler was originally a member of the Communist Party. Hitler's movement was referred to as National Socialism. It doesn't represent less government. It represents more government and less freedom.

In our new diagram Fascism in more accurately depicted on the left because it is a form of Socialism or more accurately, a form of slavery which is synonymous with Socialism. In Poland, Fascism was a step towards Communism. First, they sent in the Fascists. Then they sent in the Communists to liberate the people from the Fascists until their slavery was complete.

To be more actuate the new diagram should read on the left: Fascism, Anarchism and Communism because one leads to the other. We see that Anarchists and Communists have teamed up under the banner of ANTIFA. One would wonder why those two opposites support each other. Anarchists represents no laws while Communism represents lots of laws. The answer is simple. The Communists use the Anarchists to accomplish their objective.

Order amidst the chaos. Their order. Defund the police so they can refund their police. These Anarchists aren't real Anarchists. They are Communists using violence to create a dictatorship. They're ultimately bringing in more laws not less. Their pretense of abolishing law is a lie.

Speaking of lies, Fascists are racists but in al honesty Communists are the biggest racists on the planet. Take the Falun Gong. In Communist China, the government imprisons the Falun Gong for their religious beliefs and executes them to order for their organs. That's racism.

They hide that racism with lies. They say "Oh we don't do that." Yes they do. They've been doing it nonstop for 22 years. Right now they throw Muslims into prison camps, sterilize them and execute them for organ harvesting. That's racism. In response, they lie. They claim the Muslim genocide in China is a lie. The liars become false accusers.

Communism in China bitterly persecutes the Tibetan monks. That's racism. When Communism claims they hate Fascism because of their racism, they are lying. Communists are bigger racists than Fascists. Communists use Fascism to achieve their dictatorship just like they use Anarchists. So our new diagram has on the left, Fascism, Anarchism and Communism because one leads to the other. The reason why we need to recognize this is because of their perpetual lie that claims Conservatives are racists. No, they are not.

They claim Conservates are Fascists. No, Communists are. Conservatives believe in less government not more government. Conservatives believe in more freedom not less freedom. Fascists believe in more government and less freedom just like Communists do. That's why Fascism actually belongs on the left. On the right we have Freedom. On the left we have Slavery.
Back in the day you would always see some whack job waving a Communist flag at a Vancouver protest. No one paid them any attention because they were idiots. Even on elections you'd see some clown running on the ballot for the Communist party. No one voted for them because we saw the Berlin wall. We know what Communism is. So what did they do? They infiltrated the NDP and hijacked the Liberals. Now we see a whack job waving the Communist flag, only this time he represents the entire Liberal party. Thankfully, his ship is sinking.

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