Sunday, August 29, 2021

Firefighters declining the Covid Vaccine

KTLA is reporting that "Covid-19 vaccination rates for police and firefighting personnel in Los Angeles and prison employees across California are significantly lower than the state’s average for other adults. While about 72% of adult Californians and 64% of Los Angeles residents 16 and older have received at least one vaccine dose, only about 51% of LA firefighters and 52% of the city’s police officers are at least partially vaccinated, the Los Angeles Times reported Saturday."

Vaccoine Impact is reporting that "Cristian Granucci is a Los Angeles Fire Department Captain and 31-year veteran. Earlier this week he posted a video on Telegram which has since gone viral, where he states, 'I’m done being silent,' in regards to the City’s COVID vaccine mandate for him and the entire Los Angeles Fire Department."

"He is very angry that their union has done nothing to protect their rights, and he makes it very clear that this is NOT a political statement, as this issue is not right versus left, or Republican versus Democrat. He says it is about Freedom of choice, and fighting tyranny."

NPR is reporting that "Firefighters across the country were some of the first to be offered the COVID-19 vaccine, but many don't want it. In New York and Chicago, only about half of firefighters have gotten vaccinated." LAist ran an editorial explaining one Firefighters concerns after listening to a podcast and researching the Covid vaccine.

"When we spoke he couldn't remember which show it was, but Juarez described the guy on the podcast as an "advocate for people's rights," who used the interview to question the safety of the vaccine and the government's true intentions. It was enough to send him down an online rabbit hole searching for what he thought to be the little-spoken, unpopular truth.

"He wondered if the virus was made in a lab, if the whole crisis was manufactured by the government and pharmaceutical companies. And he wondered if, with his preexisting lung condition, the vaccine would do more harm to him than good. He was set on not getting the shots." This illustrates the right to choose. Medical choice and freedom. Since medical opinions often conflict, do people have the right to choose which medical treatment they receive? Dr Kulvinder Kaur says yes. Informed consent is an important right we cannot take for granted.

The media has been lying to us about Covid on a daily basis. This forces people to question the narrative. The media likes to portray anti-vaxxers as crazy extremists running around in tin foil hats while at the same time censoring medical doctors who express concerns about lockdowns and the RNA vaccines. The Covid vaccines are different than traditional vaccines.

I've had all my vaccines and I choose to get the flu shot every year yet I refuse the Covid vaccine because they are different. It's not a dead virus that stays in your arm so the body can send antibodies to fight it off. The RNA causes it to bypass the immune system and enter every organ of the body. These are experimental vaccines. We don't know what the side effects are yet.

As I have said, I'd take Remdesivir in a heartbeat. That is proven safe. The fact that they are not allowing that vaccine and are not allowing Covid treatments forces me to question the narrative.

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