Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Crystal meth documentary

TBM recently posted a link to a documentary on Crystal meth in the US It's heart wrenching. Meth is an evil drug. there is nothing good about it. It destroys lives, families and community. Legalizing meth would be a crime against humanity. We need to help people get off crystal meth. That is what we need to do. There have been similar documentaries about crystal meth in Australia where they call it ice. The common denominator is that crystal meth eats you alive. It's even worse that crack which is also horrible.

A crack pipe is a straight glass tube where a crystal meth pipe is the same straight glass tube with a ball at one end. Handing out free crackpipes or meth pipes is not the answer. It is criminally insane. In the DTES we see Zanadu's Vandu lobby for free crack pipes and safe inhalation sites. That is evil. Vandu profit from the sale of drugs. That makes them in a conflict of interest. Giving them tax dollars is ridiculous. We need to arrest the drug dealers and offer addicts treatment.

Right now we let drug dealers sell drugs at treatment centres. We need to stop that. People at treatment centres need to be given a chance not exploited by dirt bags. The BC NDP are no better than the BC Liberals. The BC NDP don't want to stop crime they want to profit from it. That is not social justice. That is exploitation.

In the DTES we see anarchists support addiction so they can promote lawlessness. Yet the Anarchists have teamed up with the Communists who want to create order amidst the chaos. Their order. They want to defund the police so they can fund their police and create a totalitarian society that they control. Remember when I said the Communists betray everyone they recruit? There are no free drugs in Communism. In Communism drug dealers get the death penalty.

Addictions revolves around misery and exploitation. The Portugal model succeeded because they made treatment mandatory. We don't even offer treatment in treatment facilities because we let drug dealers sell drugs there. That is straight up evil.

You don't need religion to see that. You just need a brain. God is the author of liberty while the devil is the author of slavery. It's that simple. Good versus evil. That is what we face and we are free to choose between one or the other. Choose wisely. Wickedness never was happiness.

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