Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Alberta activist legally challenged his Covid ticket

Update: Pat King on Press for Truth

There is a video going viral where an American vlogger named Stew Peters interviews a Canadian Activist from Red Deer Alberta named Patrick King. Patrick fought a $1200 Covid ticket in court and had that case dropped. Stew claims Patrick's court case is the reason Alberta has removed the mask mandate and has opened up. Ezra Levant from Rebel News gives a synopsis of the video. Obviously fighting the ticket and having the ticket dropped is good news.

Patrick tried to subpoena Alberta health minister Dina Hinshaw in his defence. As he was self-represented he made a minor error as in he got the wrong person to sign the subpoena. The federal government took over the case and tried to have the subpoena quashed on that basis.

The judge was obligated to take into consideration the fact that Patrick was self represented and made a minor technical error. He could have simply refiled the subpoena properly.

Patrick wanted proof that the government had isolated the SARS2 Covid virus. That is a valid argument. The government's response was that Dina Hinshaw had no material evidence to offer for his case. Patrick interprets that to mean the government just put in writing that they are unable to isolate the SARS2 Covid virus and prove that the pandemic is valid.

Ezra Levant said he didn't think that's what the government meant. Era said he thinks the government simply meant that Dina Hinshaw did not have any material evidence to provide for his case about his ticket. Ezra then gives the example of being charged with assault and responding to that charge with prove to me assault is a crime.

When you look at the document in context, it appears that Ezra is right. Since the video interview, Stew Peters has posted some of Patrick's legal documents.

The Originating Application specifically relates to Patrick's Covid ticket. When the government stated that Dina Hinshaw has no material evidence to offer this case, they were referring to whether or not Patrick did in fact violate the health order. The cop who gave him the ticket would have to do that. It is obvious that Patrick did in fact rattle the government which caused them to sh*t their pants so they dropped his ticket.

Ezra goes on to say that he doesn't think it's true to say this court case forced the government of Alberta to remove the mask mandate and end Covid restrictions because no such order was made. I think Ezra's right. The reason I think Ezra is right is because the Federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu opposes Deena Hinshaw's position.

BTW all criminal cases in Canada are referred to as Regina versus accused. Regina means the Crown. That doesn't mean you get to speak with the queen. It means you are being charged by the government. Nevertheless, I do believe Patrick's founding argument about isolating the SARS2 virus has merit and that is why they withdrew his ticket. However, as Ezra also pointed out, Pat's court case was July 21st and Alberta lifted its restrictions July 1st.

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