Friday, August 27, 2021

Assassinated Haitian President opposed Covid Vaccines

The NOQ Report discovered an interesting anomaly. We all know that Haitian president Jovenel Moïse was assassinated July 7th. It had the hallmarks of a Blackwater operation.

The day after the president was assassinated Bloomberg reported that "Haiti, the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere, has earned another grim distinction: it’s the only one that hasn’t vaccinated a single resident against Covid-19."

"Haiti was among the 92 poor and middle-income countries offered doses under the Covax Facility. But the government initially declined AstraZeneca PLC shots, citing side effects and widespread fears in the population."

NPR reported that "One week after Haiti's president was assassinated, the country's first shipment of COVID-19 vaccines finally arrived. Earlier this year, Haiti shrugged off two offers of doses AstraZeneca - first from India and then from COVAX, the global vaccine sharing program."

That's kind of suspicious. The fake fact checkers funded by the Communist Party of China and the big Pharmaceutical companies all say it's a coincidence but is it really?

Remember John Magufuli, the charismatic President of Tanzania who discovered that kiwi fruit tested positive for Covid? Well he's dead now too and Tanzania's position has been reversed.

The Lancet reported that "On Feb 2, 2021, in Dodoma, Tanzania's capital, the health minister announced that the country “has no plans in place to accept COVID-19 vaccines”. The message follows days after President John Magufuli expressed doubt about vaccines sourced abroad."

Then in July after John Magufuli died of heart complications, the BBC reported that the new president launched a Covid vaccine campaign. Another coincidence according to big Pharma.

The NOQ Report also observed that "Burundi was the second African country to reject Covid shots in February." In June Burundi's President Pierre Nkurunziza died of cardiac arrest. Then in July Burundi, in reversal, says it will accept COVID-19 vaccines. These are all anomalies.

When the fake fact checkers funded by the CCP who launched the pandemic and the big Pharmaceutical companies that profit from the pandemic race to declare that these are all coincidences, I have to lean to Shakespear who said the lady doth protest too much me thinks.

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