Friday, August 13, 2021

Afghanistan regime change

Aljazeera is reporting that "The Taliban has captured Ismail Khan – the prominent local commander who fought on behalf of the Afghan government in the city of Herat. Khan’s capture, which was later confirmed by Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, comes amid an offensive that has seen 18 provincial capitals fall from government control in just over a week."

I have a few things to say about this. The invasion of Afghanistan was a regime change. At first, we were told Bin Laden was hiding out in Afghanistan and was responsible for 9/11. Neither was true. The Bin Laden confession video didn't even look like Bin Laden. The 9/11 hijackers came in from Saudi Arabia with the CIA's approval.
Before 9/11 the Texas oil barons were wining and dining the Taliban trying to win the contract for the Afgan pipeline. The Taliban decided to award the contract to a firm in Argentina. Then 9/11 happened, Afghanistan was invaded and the contract for the pipeline was given by to an American firm which has since been abandoned due to political instability. That's why they continued their bombing campaign. To get the original pipeline back on track.

Last year the US's bombing in Afghanistan reached record levels. Their meddling kept the Taliban at bay. Now that Canadian and American troops have withdrawn, the Taliban are regaining control of their country. These are the people the CIA trained to repel the Soviet invasion.
In addition to the oil pipeline, Afghanistan has opium. Thanks to the CIA, Afghanistan was the largest opium producers in the world. In 2001 the Taliban brought opium production to a grinding halt. After the invasion, Afghanistan returned to become the largest opium producers in the world. US troops were seen protecting opium crops claiming that if they didn't do it the Taliban would. That was a lie. The Taliban are the ones that stopped opium production in Afghanistan.

Let's hope the Taliban once again brings opium production to a halt and let's hope the CIA's drug trafficking network rots in hell. Gary Webb was right. Iran Contra never stopped.

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