Thursday, August 5, 2021

Leftists promote Montreal gun violence

CTV is reporting that "Quebec's public safety minister announced a new collaboration between the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) and Montreal police to fight gun trafficking following a triple homicide on the island on Monday." Fighting illegals guns is a good thing. Banning guns from law abiding citizens is not. Criminal do not use registered firearms to commit crime. They use throwaways.

The article states that "In response to the violence, community members in RDP have said more policing is not the solution to gun and gang violence because they fear it will lead to animosity among marginalized communities. Shane acknowledged the gun violence plaguing certain neighbourhoods is a society problem that needs a global approach." AYFKM?

Then Justan Freak jumps in and says the gun violence in Montreal must stop. Sadly, his solution is not a solution. It compounds the problem by using a manufactured emergency to rebrand Communism. First let's look at New York. Leftists destroyed New York City twice.

When Rudy Giuliani became mayor of New York he took over at a time when leftists had created massive crime and high taxes. Rudy turned the tide with fiscal responsibly and law enforcement. New York became safe and prosperous. Bill De Blasio destroyed that. He brought back crime, high taxes and poverty. De Blasio was not allowed to run again because everyone knows what he did, did not work. Curtis Sliwa is ready to bring prosperity and safety back to the Big Apple.

The problem is that Bill De Blasio is a leftist. He's not a Democrat. He is a leftist extremist. He was on the wrong side of Iran contra. Likewise, we are seeing leftist policies bring skyrocketing violence to Chicago. Nobody wants to live with that kind of violence.

In Canada, gun ownership is not for home defence. Allowing target shooters to practice their sport or banning them from practicing their sport has absolutely no effect on gang violence one way or the other because it is simply not relevant. It is a red herring leftists use to promote Communism.

In Canada, all handguns are registered. A legal gun owner is not going to sell a registered handgun to a criminal so they can use it to commit crime because it will be traced back to them. Claiming they will is a lie. Stating that we are not allowed to enforce the law in certain neighbourhoods is racist. Justin Trudeau is a freak. He's the one running around waving the Communist Manifesto saying he admires the dictatorship of Communist China. His agenda is not hidden. Making cities safe has nothing to do with it. That's why we call him Commodus.

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