Sunday, August 1, 2021

Chris Sky walks away from Rebel News

OK this is starting to get a little bit crazy and it reminds me of a scene from the movie Braveheart where the nobles all start fighting with each other. Chris Sky is a patriot. He's very smart and very genuine. Some would argue that he's a bit extreme but no two people agree on every issue. That is why it's essential we strive to find common ground.

It appears that Chris Sky is coming out hard against Maxime Bernier and Randi Hiller despite the fact that both are staunch anti lockdown. Chris cited Gandhi and said we don't need politicians we need to raise social awareness. I disagree. Politicians will only change their position if they are faced with the threat of losing the next election. We need to run alternate candidates. Keeping Justin Trudeau and raising social awareness will not succeed. We need to elect someone else. Donald Trump stop funding the WHO. Joe Biden increased funding them.

Nobody like politicians. Yet politicians start and end wars. Politicians grant and remove civil liberty. Politicians rase and lower taxes. Nobody likes politicians but politics effect all of us. Take a look at Alberta. All of a sudden Jason Kenney has mysteriously seen the light. His health minister is now a champion of justice. We need to support her.

During the painful interview with Chris Sky, David Menzies asked Chris if there was a clash of egos within the lockdown movement. Chris passionately denied it and when David said it kinda looked like a clash of egos to him, Chris cast him aside and said you're just part of the controlled opposition narrative. WTF? Chris is a great guy but his ego is without question getting the better of him. He thinks he's better than everyone else in the anti-lockdown movement.

Another bizarre reference is about the Holocaust. Chris states he is not a holocaust denier but states 6 million Jews did not die in the holocaust, they relocated to Israel. OK that one's kinda right out there in the twilight zone. Chris is arrogant and argumentative. He's right and no one else is allowed to disagree with him. If they do, they are simply controlled opposition and are part of the narrative. Chris has lost his mind which is sadly unfortunate. Good luck with that.

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