Tuesday, August 24, 2021

BC's Vaccine cards are illegal

They say a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still. They say it is easier to take a city than a brother offended. I am a brother offended. Bonnnie the Freak is introducing vaccine cards in BC like Socialist Bill De Blasio in New York. This is illegal.

I don't care about restaurants or sporting events but I do care about the gym. Bonnie Henry is Satan. If anyone is aware of legal challenges to this, let me know. I want my name on a class action. I will not submit. I will not conform. I have the right to choose.
Tom MacDonald has a new hit single out called Brainwashed. He claims that not all liberals are srtupid and not all republicans are racist. I'm going to have to disagree. Not all liberals are stupid but most of them are. That's the problem. I can confront evil but I can't fix stupid.

Dr Vernon Coleman from the UK was yet another medical doctor who spoke up against the media's persistent misrepresentation of Covid. He has his own website and has published a white paper on the subject wherein he refers to Covid-19 as the greatest hoax in history.

Dr Coleman stated that “The coronavirus is no more deadly than the flu- COVID19 is merely the annual flu season rebranded as deadly pandemic. Doctors and hospitals have been bribed with a ‘bonus’ for listing ordinary flu deaths and COVID-19."

Dr Vernon Coleman pointed out that in the UK as soon as Covid hit, there were zero cases and zero fatalities from the flu. It is the same in Canada. CBC was caught red handed lying about the hospitalization rates in Manitoba. They didn't make a mistake. They lied.

Dr. Roger Hodkinson from Alberta boldly declared that Covid does not cure cancer or heart disease. He said the dramatic decrease in cancer and heart disease fatalities during Covid is proof they are misrepresenting the numbers. They still are on a daily basis.

The Canada Health Alliance confirms that the PCR test is worthless. The Portugal court declared that the PCR test is so unreliable that lockdowns based on that test are unlawful.
Last month after masks became optional one guy said to another guy at the gym why are you still wearing a mask? The second guy says have the rules changed? The first guy says yeah, masks are optional now. The second guy takes off his mask and says finally.

Then the first guy says to the second guy, I've been vaccinated so I don't have to wear one. The second guy says oh I won't do that and lists some concerns about side effects of the vaccine. The first guy sluffs it off and says I'm not worried about the side effects. I just want to be able to travel and go to Vegas again. Some people aren't worried about the side effects of the vaccine. I'm not worried about Covid because Covid is less dangerous than the vaccine.

The media's misrepresentation of Covid has become ridiculous.

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