Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Feds drop court quest to keep documents on scientists' firing under wraps

The Canadain Press is reporting that " The Trudeau government is dropping its quest to have a court prohibit the disclosure of documents related to the firing of two scientists at Canada's highest security laboratory. It served the Federal Court with a notice of discontinuance late Tuesday afternoon."

"In so doing, it's avoiding a legal showdown over the long-standing principle that the House of Commons is supreme and has unfettered power to demand the production of any documents it sees fit, no matter how sensitive and regardless of privacy or national security laws."

"However, the Commons order to produce the documents, along with all other business before the chamber, was terminated when Parliament was dissolved Sunday for a federal election."

"Consequently, Justice Department spokesperson Melissa Gruber said Tuesday that no purpose would be served by continuing the court case." Justin Trudeau is a POS.
“The lifting of secrecy about the theft of viruses from the Winnipeg lab which were taken to Wuhan Institute of Virology in China would allow for a publicly available study on whether there is any link between that theft and the outbreak of COVID in Wuhan,” David Matas said.

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