Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Michael Moore exposes fake environmentalism

The wind turbine on Grouse mountain, I've never seen it turn in the wind.

This groundbreaking documentary shows that green energy isn’t so green and is funded by the big banks and oil companies they are meant to replace. It shows that wind and solar aren’t nearly as efficient as we thought and it shows that alternate fossil fuel energy sources rely on fossil fuels. This means that spending billions of dollars on fossil fuel replacements isn’t reducing our fossil fuel consumption. Natural gas is clean burning. Industrial coal is not.

For example, solar cells are not made of sand. They are made of coal and quartz. You have to heat the coal and quartz up to very high temperatures which require more coal. Burning industrial coal is the largest source of CO2 emissions on the planet. It’s like the CCP lie, burning industrial coal to generate electricity for electric cars is not green. Yet burning natural gas instead of coal to make solar panels is a huge step forward. Banning sars is a scam.

This documentary confirms that there is a political agenda behind the green energy illusion. The goal is not to reduce pollution. The goal is to rebrand Communism. That’s what Agenda 21 is. Justin Trudeau is not secretive about this. He admires the Communist Dictatorship of China that is executing political prisoners for organ harvesting. He is a fake femenist, a fake supporter of social justice and a fake environmentalist. History has recorded that.

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