Tuesday, August 3, 2021

US blames Iran for their drone attack on oil tanker

An Oil tanker was attacked by a drone and the US are blaming Iran. BULLSH*T!

In 2019 the US attacked an Iranian oil tanker with missiles designed to provoke a response. After that response they killed the Iranian General responsible for defeating ISIS. The US created ISIS to gain public support for military intervention in the Syrian oil war. Assad and Russia supported an oil pipeline from Iran while the US and Israel supported an oil pipeleine from Quatar, the ones arming ISIS. We all remember Operation Ajax. Giving Iran nuclear technology is not wise but neither are sanctions and false flag attacks. If an oil tanker was attacked by a drone, it is far more likely that drone came from the US than Iran. England blaming Iran is just as suspect because England and MI6 were the original authors of Operation Ajax, the coup to take over Iranian oil.

Iran are Persians not Arabs. Syrus the Great was the one that freed Israeli slaves from the Babylonian captivity. Demonizing Iran is just another Operation Ajax revisited. The hostage taking was a farce. Joe Biden's pal Willam Casey, paid the hostage takers to keep the hostages until after the election. That was known as the October Surprise.

Iran contra was not about selling Iran arms to free hostages. They paid them to keep the hostages. Iran contra was about selling arms and drugs to fund the contra rebels in Nicaragua.

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