Thursday, August 26, 2021

NYPD 53% Unvaccinated

I've got two points to make here. Apparently there are a lot of unvaccinated police officers within the NYPD despite Bill De Blasio's vaccine passports. In response to that, the NYPD are making unvaccinated police officers mask up. Actually I think that is fair.

There isn't a lot of misinformation about the vaccines out there. There is a lot of misinformation about Covid out there. Any scientific concerns about the non-traditional RNA vaccines are being censored. As for Covid, the media is lying to us on a daily basis and are falsifying the numbers.

As a result, a lot of stupid people are scared. They sit at home and believe everything they are told on TV without questioning it. Tom MacDonald asked how is it that man evolved from monkeys into sheep? Obviously not everyone believes the ridiculous narrative but some do. Some people are scared because they are stupid. Fortunately for them, stupidity is not a crime.

Turns out at my place of employment, if you are vaccinated you don't have to wear a mask. If you aren't vaccinated, you do have to wear a mask. Although I despise the stupidity of masks, I think that's a fair compromise. Some people are misinformed and are afraid of people who are unvaccinated. Making them wear a mask addresses that fear.

We all know that masks are useless because stopping a virus with a mask is like trying to stop a mosquito with a chain link fence but the purpose of masks is not to stop the virus it's to make people feel safe. So if you are afraid of me because I am unvaccinated in a public place, then me wearing a mask will address that false fear. Vaccine passports are illegal.

Sergeant Ed Mullins, head of the NYPD Police union stated that some of the fears about vaccination relate to 9/11. "Everyone was told the air was safe and today we have thousands of people who have died from it." That's a very good point. People are tired of being lied to.

It's interesting that Sergeant Mullins would bring that up. New Yorkers don't like to talk about the possibility of 9/11 being an inside job yet they all know they were lied to about the air being safe. Why was the air not safe? Because it was full of asbestos.

The Port Authority applied for a permit to demolish the Twin towers but were denied one because they were full of asbestos. That's why the Port Authority applied for a permit to destroy them. The asbestos removal was too costly. As we have seen, one lie leads to another. If they lied about that, what else are they lying about? People have a right to their beliefs.

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