Saturday, August 7, 2021

Bonnie Henry is still a lying freak

Bonnie Henry wants power and attention. Don't give her either. When Texas and Florida opened, Bonnie Henry kept lying to us. When Europe opened, Bonnie Henry kept lying to us. The sucess of the United States and Europe made Bonnie Henry's lies statistically impossible.

Now the freak is still lying to us and she's using those lies to bring back restrictions in the middle of summer to the Okanagan. The reason she is doing this is not because cases are rising there. Dr Simone Gold explained to us that cases mean nothing if people are asymptomatic.

The Canada Health Alliance explained to us that the PCR test is worthless. The number of false positives that test produces makes it completely unreliable. The Portugal courts agree.

Dr Kelly Victory explained to us that when viruses mutate then become weaker not stronger.

The reason Bonnie Henry is still lying to us is because vaccination rates in the Okanagan are lower than in the rest of the province. It has nothing to do with Covid cases or Covid deaths. That is why she is lying about the numbers and bringing back restrictions in the middle of summer. So more people will get vaccinated. This is a billion-dollar industry.

When summer is over, the flu season will return. That is no reason to bring back restrictions.

Alberta has seen the light. Deena Hinshaw is a real hero. Bonnie Henry is not. Bonnie Henry is Satan. Deena Hinshaw is a Saint. This is a tale of two cities. A city of slavery and a city of freedom. Bonnie Henry is on the wrong side. She is a lying freak. Ignore her.

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