Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Hodge Twins examine CNN's vaccine math

We all know how absolute ridiculous CNN is. Well, the Hodge twins make light of some of their latest statistics. CNN claims that if you're vaccinated, you have a 99.999% of surviving the virus. If that's true then lockdowns are clearly not necessary.

Anyways, according to CNN's numbers, If you're vaccinated you have a 99.999% of surviving the virus but if you're not vaccinated you are 25 times more likely to die from the virus. 25 times 0.001 is still pretty insignificant - 99.974 reinforcing that lockdowns are a complete scam.

The Delta variant is another scam. When viruses replicate themselves, they get weaker not stronger. Amazing how Covid cured the flu, heart disease and cancer.
The Pharmaceutical companies are making billions from the experimental vaccine. As Rebel News pointed out, a double dose is simply a scam for them to double their money.

They are circumventing wrongful death suits from all the fatalities because they say it contains a warning. Yet as soon as private companies and government agencies make the vaccine mandatory, they open themselves up to wrongful death suits. Letting the pharmaceutical companies run their own vaccine fact checkers is laughable.

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