Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Canada 2019 Election Results

CBC is reporting that "Liberals take losses but win enough in Quebec and Ontario to form minority government. Conservatives win popular vote with Alberta and Saskatchewan near sweep, but finish 2nd in seats. While final ballots are still being counted in several ridings, the Liberals are expected to win 156 seats, 21 fewer than they started with 40 days ago. The Conservatives moved up from 95 seats to an estimated 122, while the NDP lost 15 seats to end up with 24." Well, at least that's some progress. Justin Trudeau has lost his luster.

The Liberals lost 20 seats, the Conservatives gained 26 seats while the NDP lost 15 seats. The Greens gained a seat and Maxine Bernier lost his seat. Quebec saw the Bloq gain 22 seats. Everyone was all Jagmeet Singh. Jagmeet Singh was a nice guy but legalizing all drugs is both stupid and evil. We don't need to legalize heroin. Legalizing crystal meth and date rape drug is complete irresponsibility. The way Jagmeet trashed Elizabeth May after she did him the favor of not running anyone against him in his bi election so he could get elected was sleazy.

I voted for a brown guy. I voted for Shinder Purewal. Race has nothing to do with it. Political positions do. Ken Hard is a nice guy but the Liberals position on Zero carbon emissions and gun control lost me. As I previously said, this election was a circus side show of extremism. Andrew Scheer was the voice of reason balancing those extremes.

Green Justice: Civil Liberty and Fiscal Responsibility

Canada 2019 Election Synopsis

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