Sunday, October 20, 2019

Biker associate running for mayor in New Brunswick

CBC is reporting that "Paul LaPointe has same name as man linked with armed standoff in community on Thursday." OK this is shady. Here's a guy running for mayor of Tracy, New Brunswick that has a lot of bikers and criminals as friends on Facebook trashing the RCMP for questioning him about a nearby shooting. Among a ship load of bikers, one of his fb friends is Jesse Logue who is tied to the recent double homicide in Fredericton.

In fact he even wrote a book last year From Cell to Sanity a memoir about how because of his bi-polar disorder he lost relationships, lived a life of extremes and cycled in and out of jail as a result of his bizarre behaviour. Sounds like he still needs some more time with Dr Phil.

Update: Man involved in Tracy standoff denied bail, faces 12 new charges

CBC is reporting that "A 53-year-old man who was involved in a nearly 11-hour standoff with police in Tracy last week has been denied bail and is facing a slew of new charges. Paul LaPointe is facing a dozen charges that include threats, assaults and firearm offences. On Oct. 17, LaPointe was released following a standoff at 4491 Heritage Dr. He was arrested again the next day and appeared in Burton provincial court on Thursday for a bail hearing. He is now facing 12 charges, 11 of which are indictable."

"The charges include: three counts of assault, three counts of uttering threats to cause death to someone, and discharging a firearm — a shotgun — with the intent to wound someone. He's also charged with discharging a firearm into or at a place knowing that, or being reckless as to whether another person was present in that place. In addition, LaPointe faces charges of possessing a firearm without having a licence to do so, possessing firearms while he was prohibited from doing so, resisting a peace officer and uttering threats to kill an animal."


  1. It is one way to take over a town and make it biker heaven. Fire the RCMP and establish your own police force and may mayhem reign. Perhaps the guy got the idea from that biker t.v. series.

    It might be best if the towns people got out and voted in mass to ensure this doesn't happen.

    tomorrow it election day, LETS GET OUT AND VOTE!

  2. Need a "Purge". There's a lot more of us than there is of them.....

  3. He wouldn't be the first:

    However, I think the guy in Great Britain has his stuff together a bit more.


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