Sunday, October 13, 2019

Bikers Revenge MC United

Bikers Revenge MC United is a NEUTRAL MC Club established this summer by former 1%ers from USA, UK and Canada together with HELP from TBM Nation.

Bikers Revenge MC United is created and organised in the same spirit and concept as TBM was back in 2009 - to be an organisation for Old School Bikers who want to have a "FRESH START" in a UNITED BROTHERHOOD in Bikers Revenge MC United.

Bikers Revenge MC United is a Brotherhood for Old School Bikers who want to LIVE and RIDE, and NO longer have any interest in being associated with todays new generation in the MC World.

Bikers Revenge MC United will be of NO threats to any MC Club around the World and will also show Government's around the World, that MC Clubs NOT are STREET GANGS and have NOTHING to do with so-called organised crime.


This little Patch will be seen on the FRONT of ALL Members vest's INSTEAD of the wellknown 1% Diamond - UAO (UNITED AS ONE).

On behalf of Bikers Revenge MC United

Michael Green

Int. Spokesperson, TBM NATION

UAO - United as One.


  1. I've always felt there should be as many MC's as people want to form. The best ones will always rise to the top and the losers will fold and go away.

    In short, good on these guys.

  2. Thats the Spirit this has been a long time coming long may it last and finally show others that ex club members can stand together as one united for all

  3. Every puppet club claims they don't sell drugs but they do. This group asking for the assistance of TBM and not boasting about being 1%ers is a good sign. The world needs MCs that don't sell drugs. If they don't sell drugs, the 1% clubs have no reason to fear them.

  4. What’s JB doing with all that time hesitate doing in prison?
    Also, he hasn’t lost any weight. Take of his health: like exercising!
    Clay and JB are not the same I think Clay is much smarter

    1. Pig sh*t is too busy hoarding pumping pie:

      Clay is NOTHING like the Bacons. They simply are not in his league. Clay has been training with some accomplished boxers and martial artists. More news is on the way.

    2. Jamie Bacon couldn't go to the gym without a bodyguard because he kept getting beat up everywhere he went. First it was Anton then it was DK. Then they hired someone to shoot DK because that's how those rats do business.


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