Monday, October 14, 2019

Syria’s Assad Sends Troops to face Turkish Invasion

Bloomberg is reporting that "Syrian government forces began fanning out in the northeast after striking a deal with Kurdish fighters abandoned by their U.S. allies to a Turkish military offensive -- a major shift that could see President Bashar al-Assad cement his impending victory in the country’s long war." Thank God. If Turkey invades your land you have a legal right to shoot them dead and Big Brother (Russia) has every right to assist you. Washington Post video.

10 Disturbing Facts About President Erdogan Of Turkey

Turkey Invades Syria - Stop them.

Trump Says He Will Sanction Turkey

Trump authorizes sanctions on Turkey

Canada condemns Turkish military invasion in Syria

Ottawa halts weapon sales to Turkey after it invades Syria

Update: Putin and Erdogan just did a deal on Syria

Russia steps up its presence in north-east Syria after Turkey deal

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