Saturday, October 12, 2019

Abbotsford cop killer pleads guilty

Global is reporting that "A B.C. Supreme Court judge has found Oscar Arfmann guilty of first-degree murder in the shooting death of Abbotsford police officer John Davidson. Madame Justice Carol Ross found the Crown had proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Arfmann is the man who shot Davidson.

However, Arfmann could still be found not criminally responsible for the killing. After delivering her verdict, Ross ordered a second psychiatric assessment of Arfmann to determine his mental state at the time of the shooting. The order came after Arfmann’s lawyer submitted that his client suffers schizophrenia and was suffering from it the day Davidson was killed." That is obscene.

He was mentally fit to stand trial. He was mentally fit to steal a mustang when he took it for a test drive. He had brought a firearm and ammunition with him when he stole the vehicle. That was premeditated. This whole case is fishy as f*ck. Crimes without motives are suspicious. They appear to be orchestrated.


  1. I'm waiting to hear your blog post on how Dwayne McDonald is "going to snap":

    1. I'm not because that is ridiculous. I already snapped because the Surrey RCMP won't arrest the Hells Angels' drug dealers out of Shakerz. I already snapped because the RCMP have members of the Cub Pack in witness protection who get police escorts to sell drugs. I already snapped because IHITit started banging the Cub Pack crew ho because she was testifying against shooters THEY hired so the people who hired them wouldn't be charged. He's ready to snap because people object to that kind of obscenity but I've already come unglued. So mote it be.

  2. So Arfmann "suddenly" has a mental health issue, which may preclude him from being responsible for his actions? He did steal a vehicle, from a dealership and that usually means there is something functional in a brain and crafty. If he already had the gun and ammunition with him it would not be unreasonable to conclude he was up to something and knew how to plan. If we are to believe he didn't know right from wrong when he committed the crime, I'd like to know when he failed to know what he was doing was wrong. If he allegedly suffered from this mental disease for most of his life, it does seem "weird" that he suddenly "snaps" at this particular time with this particular action. What voice told him to go kill this particular police officer or was it just any police officer in that detachment or ........the list goes on.

    I usually give people fairly wide latitude if they're mentally ill or have "issues", but in this case, suddenly Arfmann is mentally ill and doesn't know right from wrong.,....must have a very good lawyer and shrink.

    Re read some of the news reports, my conclusion, as a min. he was just a nasty piece of business and he needs to be kept out of society.


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