Saturday, October 5, 2019

Jason Kenney faces more voter fraud allegations

CBC is reporting that "Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and his United Conservative Party are denying any wrongdoing by his campaign during the party's leadership race, after a CBC News investigation surfaced fresh allegations including an insider who says he called members to obtain their passcodes and handed them over to others to vote."

"The investigation published Friday lifted the veil on what happened inside voting kiosks set up by the Kenney campaign, as Stephen Harper's former top lieutenant vied with chief rival Brian Jean to lead the UCP after the province's Progressive Conservative and Wildrose parties merged."

"One insider alleged to CBC News that he phoned members to obtain personal identification numbers (PINs) needed to vote online or by phone, then passed them to Tim Uppal, a former Conservative MP and current federal candidate who played a key role on Kenney's leadership campaign. The volunteer says Uppal shared the PINs with other volunteers, who used them to cast votes for Kenney — a violation of party rules for the three-day vote."

"The insider's account is part of a larger story about allegations of wrongdoing by the team behind Alberta's premier that one longtime conservative operative says is the focus of an ongoing RCMP investigation and which one expert says undermines the credibility of Canada's democratic system. The Kenney campaign is also accused of using fraudulent emails to cast ballots and of collaborating with another leadership contender who attacked Jean in a kamikaze campaign."

AYFKM? Jason Kenney is an a*shole. Ditch him. The Conservatives were elected, not him.

Raging Rachel is no better. She's why the Conservative were elected.

The United Conservative Party need a leadership revote.

Brian Jean is a good man. Jason Kenney is NOT.

Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta


  1. What went on within the Conservative party in Alberta was a travesty and it does under mine our democracy. If people can't depend upon the honesty of a party to elect their leaders, we are in trouble.

    You may not like Rachel Notely, but "raging Rachelle, is a bit over the top. she offered good leadership, dealt with the Fort McMurray fires wells, increased social spending, where needed. She was voted out of office, because she was voted into office not that Albertans wanted her particularly, it was that they wanted the Conservatives OUT, big time. Voting NDP at the time, for many Conservative voters was the only way. The Conservatives were re elected because Albertans thought Kenney offered them honest conservative government which Albertans have always favoured. Kenney is no Peter Lougheed. During Notely's time in office, she at times appeared to be using Lougheed's play book.

    Peter Lougheed is most likely one of the best Premiers the country has ever had and certainly the best Conservative. Having spent time in the 1980s in Alberta, people still spoke of what good government he provided. Kept taxes down, managed to save some of the oil revenue, provided health care and roads. Oh, and he actually ensured the province got what they paid for.

    of course times are different now, Lougheed was considered "honorable", something which is frequently missing in today's politicians.

    for some it maybe winning at any cost, but in the end, you wind up with something like trump and his ilk and that leads to the end of democracy as we have know it.

    1. You're right. I don't like Raging Rachel Notely.

  2. "but in the end, you wind up with something like trump and his ilk and that leads to the end of democracy as we have know it"


    1. I do think Trump is a whack job but they elected him so it is a democracy.


    same club , different jackets.

    1. Sounds a bit fishy. Newspapers don't normally report on rumors.


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