Thursday, October 17, 2019

Surrey Police Chief quits trying to stop crime, decides to profit from crime instead

The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that "Surrey RCMP’s top boss Dwayne McDonald is moving on to a new role as the RCMP’s criminal operations officer in charge of federal, investigative services and organized crime for B.C." We had high hopes for Dwayne McDonald when he replaced Bill Fordy who was a flaming idiot. We were hoping he'd be another hero like Fraser MacRae. We were sadly disappointed.

The problem is Dwayne McDonald is a company man. Company men can't be trusted because when the company becomes corrupt, so do they. Dwayne McDonald had a chance to make a difference in Surrey. He chose not to. Cleaning up the Surrey Strip with the help of the Provincial government's modular housing was a good thing. Unfortunately is was just a publicity stunt so we wouldn't form a municipal police force. Nothing really changed. The Surrey RCMP refused to stop the drug trafficking out of Shakerz and had cub pack members in witness protection getting police escorts to sell cocaine. The whole system is dirty as f*ck

Dwayne McDonald had the opportunity to do something about organized crime in Surrey and he chose not to. He has decided to join the federal task force that strives to profit from crime instead of trying to stop it. God Damn you all. The blood of Leanne Yardley is on your hands.

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