Monday, July 25, 2016

Cocaine laced with fentanyl at Shakerz results in fatality - Update

This story was posted on Facebook that a blog reader shared with me. They are claiming they did some cocaine at Shakerz over the weekend and ended up in the hospital because it had fentanyl in it. Highly possible since the Hells Angels run the crack outside the Front Room in Surrey where all those fentanyl overdoes occurred last weekend. Kinda makes ya wonder if Randy Jones still owns Shakerz after the name change from Tbarz since a Hells Angels associate was stabbed there after the name change. The story claims there was also a fentanyl fatality at Shakerz over the weekend which I have now confirmed. (See below under the facebook screen shots)

Update: It turns out it wasn't cocaine laced with fentanyl, it was straight up fentanyl. Toxicology report didn't find any cocaine in her system. That means someone gave her fentanyl and told her it was cocaine. There appears to have also been a second fentanyl fatality that night as well

This is the story on facebook:

Update: I have now confirmed the fatality but won't post the name of the fentanyl fatality at Shakerz until the family has all been contacted. She was a wonderful person who loved her children and the father of her children. This is so tragic. This is a post from her facebook:

Update: The Peace arch News is confirming the cocaine / fentanyl fatality at Shakerz without naming the victim or admitting it was cocaine not crack. Instead they just said generally “It is important to note that these individuals include not only people who use drugs regularly but also those who use drugs on a recreational basis," said Dr. Victoria Lee, Fraser Health's chief medical health officer. "In addition, people report taking a variety of drugs including, but not limited to heroin, crack cocaine, COCAINE, amphetamines, ecstasy and GHB. At this time, we are warning people that all drugs may be contaminated with lethal substances.”

Why the cover up? Her name was Leanne Yardley. She was a wonderful mother who cherished her children and a nurse just out for a break. That is what they are referring to as "recreational."

Turns out Bjorn Sylvest's sudden death July 3 while on a houseboat on the Shuswap Lake was a drug overdose. Was that fentanyl as well? Did they tell him it was cocaine before he did it?


  1. So the HA's dealer at Shakerz was given fentanyl to deal - if the other girl died from doing a line, what happened to him who also did one?

    Either he did not die and would have been taken to the hospital (obviously the police would have known who he was prior, anyway) or he "disappeared" from Shakerz, by the Club, when the dosage hit him.

    1. It sounds like two females died no male. I don't know for sure if the guy who had it was actually a dealer of just someone who had bought some from a dealer. The dealer would have had to have crushed the fentanyl pills into powder so he would have known it was fentanyl. If this guy didn't know it was fentanyl he probably wasn't a dealer per say just someone who bought some and was sharing it around.

    2. "He pulls out a (sic) huge bag of white powder … RIGHT THERE" - he is not going to do that unless he feels confident and safe enough no one is going to stop him or intrude upon him. No one is going to do that in an HA bar unless they have been given permission to do so.

      How likely is it some "jacked up d*$h#bad" that is not part of the HA's drug empire is going to be in an HA run bar with a large bag of white powder without the HA being involved and approval?

      He only sells the stuff he has been given (to sell). He is not going to test it and verify what it is.

      I can guarantee you that many people reading this know exactly who the guy is and they can also attest as to whether he is still around or if he has "disappeared" …

      As for the girl you died, what was she doing at that place in the first place? How wonderful could she have been to have just been able to go up to this guy and get a line?

    3. Tbarz / Shakerz has definitely gone downhill over the years. When it first opened up it tried to raise the bar like Champagnes did before it but that quickly degenerated.

      My own daughter was there once when her friend went to pick up her friend's brother from his birthday. I know it looks bad that this wonderful mother was there in the first place but it could have been anyone's daughter and I can verify that she was a good mother who held a good career and had been to university. She was simply on a night out taking a break from it all and something very bad happened.

      I wouldn't say Shakerz is a Hells Angels bar like Roosters is where members wear colours in public. I think a member owns the bar and wants to keep his ownership of the bar secret like when he had it registered in his mothers name.

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  3. It seems as tho fentanal has made its way east into central saskatchewan because two O.D.S were reported last night after 1 death from coke laced with fentanal when a couple kids were doing it at a pit party.

  4. Who was the guy that gave her the drugs?


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