Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Mother killed in Arson

This one isn't gang related but it is related to domestic violence. CBC is reporting that "A father of six has been charged with second-degree murder and two counts of arson following a "tragic" and suspicious fire in Port Moody, B.C., that left the woman believed to be his wife dead and sent five of their children to hospital."

The Vancouver Province is reporting that "The blaze broke out in a home in the 3300-block Dewdney Trunk Road shortly before 1:30 p.m. Moments later, according to one neighbour, at least three people who were driving by spotted the kids in the second-floor window and stopped to help. One man had a ladder, which the passersby used to help the children climb out to safety."

"The kids escaped with minor injuries. Their mother, however, suffered extensive burns and later died at hospital. The children’s father was arrested at the scene and taken away by ambulance. He’s in custody and was charged Monday with one count of second-degree murder and two counts of arson causing bodily harm. The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) has conduct of the investigation. A sixth child wasn’t home at the time of the fire."

"Police say that before the fire started, Port Moody police responded to a call about a domestic disturbance at the house. It’s believed that one of the kids made the call. When officers arrived, the house was engulfed in flames. The children had already escaped at that point, (thanks to the neighbours) however, their parents remained in the house. Police quickly removed the couple from the home and the fire department was called in to assist."

The first thing I'm going to say is WTF were you thinking? Get in an argument with your wife so you set fire to the house and kill her along with your children? That is deranged. Parents are supposed to protect their children, provide for their children and make sacrifices for their children. Killing your children not to mention killing your wife or your ex is absolutely deranged.

Sadly this has happened before. Allan Schoenborn, the father from Merritt who murdered his three children in 2008 was granted escorted outings into the community last year. That is insane.

In 2011, Maple Batista, a beautiful young Indo Canadian girl attending SFU in Surrey was murdered. The Toronto Sun reported that Batalia, 19, was shot and killed about an hour after midnight on Sept. 28, 2011, apparently in front of several witnesses and that her boyfriend and his associate were charged a year later. Yet last year Global reported that the family are wondering why the trial hadn't started four years later. It now appears there is a publication ban on the trial. This is obscene. Do we really wonder why we are still having a problem with domestic violence? Because the police and the courts are absolutely useless. Sign the petition.

I'll be the first one to admit that domestic violence cases are very dangerous to get involved in. Not because of the abuser but because of the victim. Often they go back and frequently turn on those who try to help them. Been there done that. Once in New York a friend and I saw a guy pin a girl to the wall in the subway so we pulled the guy off of her. Instantly the woman started to scream and yelled out don't hurt him. I just looked at her as if to say are you f*cking kidding me and turned to my friend and said let's get out of here. That was messed up. However, the Maple Batalia trial should proceed. There is no excuse for that and a publication ban on the trial is obscene. My daughter ran into Maple's father a few times in Surrey after the murder. He was really distraught about his daughter's murder. He really cared about her and it killed him.

Domestic Violence

Now to the heart of the conflict. Rihanna and Eminem put out a hit single years ago called Love The Way You Lie. Although it had a catchy tune the title and the lyrics were a huge concern. Often when I'd complain to my younger friends they would just shrug and say you are taking the lyrics way too literally. No I wasn't. They speak for themselves. The song declares:

"Are you Just gonna stand there and watch me burn But that's alright because I like the way it hurts Just gonna stand there and hear me cry But that's alright because I love the way you lie I love the way you lie." Thus the title of the song. I love the way you lie. That is absurd.

Then the flaming finally: "If she ever tries to f*cking leave again I'm gonna tie her to the bed and set this house on fire." He declares that if his girlfriend tries to leave again he is going to tie her to the bed and set the house on fire. AYFKM? That is exactly what it says. There is nothing cool, catchy or funny about that at all. It is deranged.

Oh and guess what, the beautiful and talented Rihanna was beat up by her boyfriend Chris Brown. BBC reported that Chris Brown confessed and said he watched his step father beat his mother growing up. Rihanna told 20/20 that "her father was severely abusive to her mother in the past and hit her numerous times. She said she would unsuccessfully try to break up their fights, attempting to distract the pair by breaking glasses and dishes in the kitchen. The singer said her father even broke her mother’s nose." OK so that's part of the problem but there's more.

In the music video Love the way you lie, Eminem describes his relationship with his girlfriend. Tells her how much he loves her as they fight and hit each other then have passionate sex. That is not love. That is not passion. That is not intimacy. That is sadomasochism.

The movie Mr and Mrs Smith is another red flag for leading down the road to abuse. One minute they are literally trying to kill each other physically hitting each other then all of a sudden they start having passionate sex. There is something very wrong with that picture. The French wrote the book on intimacy. Generally speaking a Frenchman will not beat a woman. He will defend her. He will wine and dine her. He is a romantic. That is what passion is. Passion is an extension of healthy love. Hitting each other is not healthy. Domestic violence is ugly.


  1. "The police and the courts are absolutely useless."


  2. I would suggest the man who set his house and wife on fire was insane or will be pleading it. Prior to the 1970s, spousal abuse was "family business" and every one stayed out of it. One could say it might not have been socially acceptable, but it didn't get you uninvited to the next dinner party either.

    That attitude still prevails in much of our society today. Add in the message young people receive in the media, that women are possessions, arm candy, some thing to acquire like a car, etc.

    We have only too look at how society has treated the murdered/missing Aboriginal women's issue. With a new federal government there will finally be an "investigation". However, there are many who don't see the need for it. When it comes to women being murdered, the cases which are given the most attention are usually those who are part the middle class and up.

    Spousal abuse and killing of spouses and children aren't crimes which get men a lot of jail time and some even try for custody of their children.

    there needs to be more social services for victims of domestic abuse, children need to be encouraged to report it, there needs to be support for Transition houses, because in B.C. the provincial government does not fund or support Transition Houses, its done privately. so the bad attitude starts with governments, who say its either put up with it or take a huge "adjustment" in your life style.

  3. Off Topic: saw a picture in yesterday's Vancouver Sun, of Gilles, that you frequently have on your blog. it was an article in the A section regarding his "activities".

    1. Yes it's nice to see the press use pictures from my blog. That's why it's here. I saw Keith Fraser's article. I'm not sure if that is the one you are referring to. Nothing new really except that closing arguments are winding up soon.


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