Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ontario Drug Bust

Global is reporting that "Toronto police say 27 people have been arrested in connection to a drug trafficking ring operating primarily in southern Ontario. Authorities say the year-long investigation led to the seizure of nearly 300 kilograms of various controlled substances, eight firearms and more than $2.3 million in cash."

CP 24 is reporting that "Police in Toronto and York Region began a joint investigation into the drug trafficking network early in 2016 dubbed Project Beyond. The drugs that were seized included 80 kilograms of cocaine, 101 kilograms of Ketamine, 65 kilograms of Marijuana, 24 kilograms of MDMA, 3.3 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine and eight kilograms of liquid opium. Police also seized 101 kilograms of cocaine cutting agents."

"The weapons seized, meanwhile, included a TEC-9 submachine gun with a silencer, an AR 15 machine rifle, two shotguns and a number of handguns. Police have identified 40-year-old Kevin Er, of Richmond Hill, as the alleged ringleader of the criminal organization. Er is facing a total of 16 criminal charges."

Back in 2014, there was another large drug bust in Ontario dubbed project Anarchy tied to the the Alkhalils who as we all know, work for the Hells Angels. In 2013 the New York Post reported that Jimmy “Cosmo” Cournoyer supplied New York with BC Bud through the Hells Angels. That drug ring supplied New York with BC Bud and brought back massive amounts of cocaine into Canada to be sold as crack.


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    1. AR 15 is a common assault rifle. Here in Canada they are semi automatic. If it was fully automatic I suppose it would be called a machine gun. It's the TEC-9 submachine gun with a silencer that interests me.

  2. U can make silencers pretty easily might be home made

    1. If the pic is of the actual tec9 with the silencer attached then the person who made it is very inexperienced. Most are made from mag lights

  3. Suppressors can of course be made using a MagLite body as the tube, this has been done for many years but it's a stretch to say that "most" are made from MagLites. Trust me 99.9% of suppressors ever made are not built from MagLites.

    Suppressors easy to make huh? Simple design doesn't always mean easy to execute. Two words, "baffle strike"....people have been seriously injured testing such home built creations.

    Even with distortion of the pic this one looks pretty large, suggesting that the internals are not that sophisticated and that the design relies on tube internal volume (bigger is better) for it's abilities such as they may be.

    The Tec9 is manufactured as a semi auto. This one may or may not have been converted to full auto, only the RCMP Firearms Examiner knows for sure.


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