Thursday, July 28, 2016

Toronto Cop sentenced to six years for attempted murder

CBC is reporting that Toronto Const. James Forcillo was convicted of the attempted murder of Sammy Yatim, the 18-year-old shot dead aboard a streetcar in July 2013 and sentenced to six years in prison but is appealing the decision. We talked about this case before. What He did was wrong. That's all there is to it. He pretty much emptied his clip into the kid after he was already shot lying on the ground.

In 2012 a Toronto cop was charged with second degree murder when a suspect was found shot in the back. In 2015 three Toronto police officers were charged with gang raping a female officer. Evidently forming a Regional Police Force isn't necessary the magical solution.


  1. The judge did the right thing and sent a strong message. However, the sentence is under appeal. We can only hope the sentence is upheld.

    A regional police force is not in the best interests of the taxpaying citizens of any town, city, etc. Day to day policing ought to be done by the police from that town/city and I'd prefer officers lived in the area and/or close by.

    I can see a specialized group for more complex crimes in an area, but the day to day stuff, not so much. Just makes for empires.

    1. Let's hope the decision doesn't get reversed in the appeal. Everyone needs to be accountable. Police and politicians included.


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