Saturday, July 23, 2016

Man stabbed at Vancouver's "safe" injection site

Scan BC reported that #Vancouver crews are responding to the Safe Injection Site at 139 E Hastings St for reports of a male stabbed at that location. Then reported that #Vancouver Police are on scene with a male stabbed in the back at Main St & E Hastings. I guess the "safe" injection site isn't very safe in more ways than one. The assisted suicide technicians help people inject poison and they create a violent crime area where people stab each other to a daily basis. Welcome to the tax paid Zombie Apocalypse. Close Insite and reopen the local police station.

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  1. Sarah: Suffice it to say what brought you to the DTES was the open drug use not the social programs. That pretty much proves my point. If the open drug use wasn't there the odds of you becoming addicted would have been far less.

    Don't forget this blog and website is for the alternate view. Many of us are fed up with having the mainstream view crammed down our throat. We disagree. In fact in Victoria they have started a campaign called Mad as Hell. I think it's about time the public wakes up to what we are doing.

    The open drug use in the DTES and on the Whalley strip is not social justice it is criminal culpability. I believe in the New York model. I saw it. I was there.


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