Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Kelowna Warriors weapons bust

Kelowna Capital News is reporting that the new and "reorganized" Gang Task force is stepping up it's campaign against Hells Angels rivals. The RCMP busted some Kelowna Warriors with numerous firearms as well as 26 grams of suspected Methamphetamine, 20 grams of suspected Marihuana and 6 grams of suspected Cocaine. I kid you not.

We know it wasn't a HA bust because it would have involved a lot more drugs if it was. The Kelowna Warriors are new kids on the block and appear to be connected to the Manitoba Warriors who are indeed Hells Angel rivals. October 2014 one blog reader said the Kelowna Warriors now exist. This bust proves they were right.


  1. This was just one of the smaller members and he still had 8 guns and enough dope to buy more weapons

  2. I would like you to hit me up on fb google whatever
    This is Madman and Im sure if you dont know one of your brothers will know who I am and know my name To many skills to much time finished my 10yrs 4 yrs ago and can be a great asset glad to see Warriors expanding in BC and am to old to be told how it works at 41yrs when its all ive known my whole life and on what you said Ive personally seen a top player come up starting with only a *game* and the knowledge anyways currently in surrey. Like i said to old to start as a new fish, however would like to show that if given the chance and the right go tos Im not a punk not a fall down definitely not a squid just a Chug that is willing to go to the very end in what i believe in so I would like to come outta retirement because I believe that all the knowledge I have acquired should not be wasted.
    I believe in rules and discipline to the fact that a majority of new crews are pussies and have no knowledge of RESPECT and OLD SCHOOL way of life as im sure like myself you didnt have to be told but know the way of our path at any rate Im just not able to sit back and not participate or have something that i truely believe in its a way of life Ive tried to do this nothing glad i did, it's time to make a decision can do this on my own however all ive had is my brothers and my beliefs without morals and something to believe in your just a child unfortunately.
    Never asked to be part of thats not how we do it however Im good on all sides well known by everyone and I like the fact that Warriors show thier pride feet down fist up and the look of a proud member even if the odds are against them I know if its three to however many when one of the three turns around he sees his brothers holding their own just like i have and nowadays the Warriors are the only ones i know think the same. And if anything if nothing at all you have a big mutha fucking Chug here that supports you and hopefully we talk if not keep your feet down fists up, gotta go and Bannock-Slap a fool, take care keep safe *M. D.* AKA MADMAN

  3. You're probably referring to the other guy but my e-mail address is listed on my profile. Kids today have no idea what old school is because they've never been to school. I used to rock the A Train in New York City up to 155th street in Harlem. I helped keep the peace on the Deuce, East 42nd Street time square, back when the crack plague made sure no peace was to be found.

    The kids no have no idea what respect is because they have no self respect. If you want to be a real man then become an Elder and help steer the youth away from drugs and gangs. Better yet, become a War chief and wage war with the drug dealers that are stealing the life from our youth with their drugs and exploitation. Peace.


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