Monday, July 18, 2016

36 drug overdoses in Whalley over the weekend - Update: make that 43

The Vancouver Province is reporting that crack cocaine has been laced with fentanyl which resulted in 36 drug overdoses over the weekend in the infamous Whalley Strip where the City and the RCMP still let drug dealers sell crack in public. The Front page of today's Vancouver Province had another picture of a guy smoking a crack pipe in the open.

The article states "Health-care workers and the RCMP on Sunday canvassed Surrey’s Whalley area warning people of a disturbing new trend in which crack cocaine is being laced with the deadly synthetic opioid fentanyl. With 36 overdoses over the weekend in Whalley, Mounties, health-care and social workers walked through the gritty area putting up warning notices, handing out pamphlets and talking to drug addicts and the homeless about the critical situation."

First of all, they're not health care workers. They are assisted suicide technicians. They are doctors of death criminally culpable in the creation of a Zombie Apocalypse. Here we have the RCMP and the doctors of death dancing all around the crack dealers selling crack laced with fentanyl and instead of arresting the drug dealers selling the lethal poison they hand out flyers warning everyone about the risks without lifting a finger to stop the criminal activity they are witnessing in the process. This is the epitome of stupidity. Thanks for nothing Bill Fordy.

Shane Williams said at the Lookout’s Whalley facility staff had to deal with 17 overdoses of the 36 reported in the area. What does that tell me? That tells me that the Lookout homeless shelter is not a homeless shelter. It is a drug house just like the Front Room.

Fraser Health chief medical officer Dr. Victoria Lee stated “In terms of advice, the best prevention is to avoid using crack cocaine altogether.” Finally someone said something that is true. Maybe we shouldn't be handing out free crack pipes then. That makes us criminally culpable if we do. This is the first we have heard of crack being laced with fentanyl. Normally it's heroin. Crack is a solid rock so it's harder to mix it with cutting agents. One cutting agent that is commonly used now is levamisole. It's used to deworm cattle. In humans it causes flesh eating disease. By handing out free crack pipes and having assisted suicide technicians tell the mentally ill how to "safely" smoke crack we are criminally culpable in poisoning human beings.

Just for the record, the UN or the Dhurry Dhak group aren't the ones supplying the Front Room with drugs it's the Hells Angels. Perhaps that's why Bill Fordy won't arrest them. This is not a new problem. Residents and businesses complained about the RCMPs insane policy on the Whalley strip back in 2008 and they have still done nothing about it. That makes them legally liable for damages. If Tony Blair can be held legally liable for the unlawful invasion of Iraq, then Bill Fordy can be held legally liable for refusing to arrest crack dealers along the Whalley strip.

Update: Now we're up to 43 drug overdoses on that strip over the weekend and the Xanadu freaks are once again calling for a safe inhalation site. There is no such thing as a safe place to smoke crack. Crack is poison. Especially with the lethal mixture they are selling now. Not arresting the drug dealers along that strip is insane. Not arresting them when they are selling a lethal form of crack is criminally insane. Rob Ford would never have overcome his addiction to crack cocaine in a safe inhalation site. He needed rehab not more crack.

What makes matters worse is that we now have Sukh Dhaliwal talking that same insanity. Never mind recall petition. His constituents need to have a petition that he goes for psychiatric testing. If that becames a Trudeau government policy then goodbye it was nice knowing you. Surrey City hall said no to a safe inhalation site for good reason. Residents have a say in this matter and their complaints are currently falling on deaf ears. Dr Colin Mangham on Insite.

Any businesses and residents wanting to join a class action lawsuit suing Bill Fordy for refusing to enforce the law on the Whalley Strip e-mail me privately. Businesses can tabulate their losses due to theft and vandalism and we will add that to the damages in the lawsuit. Cheers.


  1. "They're not health care workers. They are assisted suicide technicians."

    Priceless.....I'm so going to steal that....

  2. Talk about over doses: el gordo just lost his job in London. Gordon Campbell may have to come home and get a real job.

  3. Did I read a safe crack house . Govt gonna pay for that shit too . I been a crack head . About ten yrs back I was skinny and broke . Why on earth should the Govt be paying for ppl who make bad choices


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