Sunday, July 10, 2016

Local man charged in West Kelowna shooting

In a recent batch of local shootings Kelowna Cap News reported that a 31 year old woman was shot in a west Kelowna home July 4th and that a 28 year old male had been taken into custody.

Now Kelowna Info News is reporting that "While a 31-year-old West Kelowna woman remains in hospital with a serious gunshot wound, police have laid charges against a 28-year-old suspect arrested near the scene. Evan Anthony Swite has been charged with aggravated assault and possession of a weapon while prohibited, according to a media release."

What I don't understand is when a man shoots a woman, why is he only charged with aggravated assault instead of attempted murder? Especially when he is in possession of a firearm he was previously banned from possessing. That means he has some kind of a record. Why is there a publication ban on that court case? What are they trying to hide?

In 2005 he was charged with Robbery and Assault causing bodily harm. In 2011 he was charged with uttering death threats, and in 2012 he was charged with Flight from a peace officer and Breach of undertaking or recognizance. He was later found guilty on all of those charges.

In 2014 he was charged with careless use or storage of a firearm as well as unauthorised possession of a firearm. February 2016 that case was set for trial. May 2015 he was once again charged with uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm. That case resulted in a stay of proceedings directed by Crown. So why is he now charged with assault not attempted murder?


  1. Well Dennis in kelowna we just gave a guy seven yrs for a senseless bus killing . And a guy I grew up with who u have covered on this blog gets nine yrs for importation of a little blow with more time to come for his latest charges

  2. Attempted murder, upgrade to 2nd degree if she dies.

    "Now don't commit any more crimes, or we'll shake our finger at you yet again..."

    Pretty pathetic. Definitely the wrong people running the show, at this point I think we could be appointing people off the street to be prosecutors or judges and get better results....

  3. It makes no sense. It is typical, but it still defies logic and reason.

    Yet, it is just this kind of out of touch with reality we have come to expect.

    It is like in Calgary where the video shows the initially arresting constable striking the person on the ground in the face repeatedly yet the person is not attacking nor fighting back and there are 2 other constables on him, as well.

    Then they merely ticket the guy with "stunting" and let him go? More like they realize this could be trouble and give him some type of small unrelated charge in the hopes he will plead to it so as to avoid the larger issue of being assaulted.

    If he had really been the threat the top brass claim he was then he would have been charged with assaulting the constables, resisting arrest and probably some type of obstruction of justice.

  4. In my opinion the lesser charge is because the victim is female and a female without "power/support" in "regular" society.

    The Crown may also blame the victim in this case, which is frequently the case if the victim is of a "lower class" or viewed as unimportant in society.

    The "suspect" does have a nice record, if one is looking for an award of unproductive member of society. He might have a good lawyer, provides some service to someone in a position of power.

    He does seem to be in and out of jail quickly, if at all. It is interesting he was charged for one offense in 2014 and wasn't going to trial until 2016. The latest Supreme Court ruling on "timing" for trials is going to be interesting here in B.C. Either the provincial government is going to have to ramp up the system or a lot of people aren't going to get trials and be set free or have their cases dismissed. This could be very interesting.

  5. That's Canada kill people it costs you a couple of years get caught selling drugs it can cost you a decade or so

    1. I think the general concern is that BC Judges let drug dealers off as well as murders. Peter Leask giving CJ Barrowby house arrest after he was caught trafficking cocaine for the Hells Angels is a prime example.

      Recently Kevin Van Kalkeren, David Giles co accused, was given 16 years for getting caught with 200 kilos of cocaine and for his involvement in a plot to import 500 kilos a month from Panama. Generally speaking the public is relieved that punishment is more suitable given the crime compared to the well over 30 years they would have got in the US.

      However, you are quite right in that the punishment for murder in Canada gets plead down to virtually nothing and is a shameful mockery of justice:

  6. Get caught dealing drugs just plead it down to murder lol . Makes sense don't it


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