Thursday, July 7, 2016

Justice Institute harassment case goes to trial.

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "A UN gang associate accused of being the mastermind of a campaign of terror against people linked to the Justice Institute of B.C. is expected to plead guilty to the charges. In September, Vincent Eric Gia-Hwa Cheung, 40, was arrested and charged with 23 counts related to a series of arsons and shootings targeting the homes and vehicles of police officers and others with ties to the New Westminster institution."

This all stems from a bizarre campaign of violence that targeted people who worked at the Justice Institute. The article states Police said in some cases the victims had simply parked their cars at the Justice Institute to take their children to a nearby daycare. I'm somewhat baffled by the motive. A previous article stated that two men were arrested and Police said the motive would come out in court. Not if they plead guilty. However, the second man's case will go to trial so hopefully the motive will come out then.

The article states "he (Cheung) has had associations with people in gangs for a very long time." Knowing people who are gang associates doesn't necessarily make you a gang associate.


  1. What's everyone's thoughts on Dallas . Rip to the officers . I say it took a lot of planning . I'm suspicious

    1. My sentiments exactly. One of the primary concerns with looting or retaliation is that the old law of an eye for an eye (which as Martin Luther King pointed out leaves everyone blind) meant the person who committed the offense faces judgement not some random person from the same race, religion or in this case profession. Murdering some random person from the same race, religion or profession is simply murder. Yet the whole sniper thing makes it very suspicious indeed.

    2. The suspect is confirmed ex-military.

  2. Kind of sounds like what Mom Boucher tried ...

    1. Kinda but he went straight after judges and prison guards. I'm kinda baffled why anyone would target employees of the Justice Institute including people who simply parked out front.

  3. it is called the "scatter gun" approach. You shoot at everything and see what sticks. it scares the hell out of everyone because some times some one gets hit and no one knows who it will be.

    as to gang associations not making you part of a gang, there is an old saying, lay down with dogs and you get up with fleas.

    the guy who was arrested, and we know he hasn't been convicted, but, no one goes to all of that trouble and work, just for the hell of it.

    Probably thought it had been used some where else with some effect and thought it would work here. not so much. will we find out the reason, not so much.

  4. Wow. You actually believe the whole cops vs blacks thing is something other than a staged fake psyop?
    I actually thought you were a critical thinking truth seeker.
    I guess you think trump is legitimately running for president, not just being used as a lever to cram Hillary into the White House.
    Damn. We are at the point where Canadian adults can't discern the fake from the real. A sad day.


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