Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Redd Alert Killas supplied by the Cub Pack

Wow. Things in the DTES are off the hook. When Kim Bolan said the UN were making a come back in the DTES, I thought she was full of sh*t. I thought the BC Gang Task force who have Hells Angels Associates in the Witness Protection Program were lying again. I don't know about the UN but it appears when the Hells Angels killed Glen Nelson's wife after he helped them take back all the drug dealers in the DTES for the Hells Angels that understandably created another rift. Glen Nelson has a new crew now called RAK or Redd Alert Killas just like the FK in Calgary. So once again a Hells Angels betrayal has launched another gang war just like in Winnipeg.

So much for being discreet. Someone has posted the RA Bible online to get more media attention. It confirms Redd Alerts' connection to the Hells Angels specifically Edmonton (8151) the root of all E-ville. The postings also confirm another split within the RA in Edmonton.

Obviously I don't support and am not involved with any of this.

Update: Get this, RAK in the DTES is supplied by the Cub Pack not the UN. The Hells Angels are supplying both sides of that beef. The UN have nothing to do with that. The BC Gang Task Force is on the wrong side. You wanna talk about E-Ville? Lets talk about a little girl who was murdered for her parents drug debt. That was E-Ville.

Dominic DiPalma sentenced to six years for cocaine trafficking

The betrayal and murder of Joey Morin

Reno Lee's death was an execution

These exerts from the RA Bible were posted on a public Youtube channel:

THEY killed Janice. Steele would not have been allowed to shoot Janice without 81's permission.

Dexter Cardinal and Rob Wagner need to be charged with conspiracy to commit the murder of Janice Bryant. That is the only way the violence will stop. Charge the puppet masters themselves.

Don't let Micheal Ross do another Rick Roll and have his crew ho testify against the shooter he hired. Yo bro, that Rick Roll is getting really old so it is. "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time."

So tell me, since the Cub Pack are supplying the RAK with drugs and since Cub Pack associates in the witness protection program get police escorts to sell cocaine, does that mean the RCMP get a percentage of the drug sales or do they just get discounts at the Garden of Eden and the Swedish Touch? Please advise. Surrey is the new Seven Five yo.

I guess that's Dwayne McDonald's new job on the Surrey RCMP's How to Profit from Organized Crime task force. To make sure the Cub Pack keep getting police protection to sell drugs. How does it feel to wear a badge and be on the wrong side of the law? How does it feel?


  1. Given the hazards which go with the drug dealing business, is it really that lucrative to be a lower down on the ladder type. Might it not be more profitable to get a decent trade or career of some sort. You'd live longer also. Instant gratification is nice, but its only for the instant,,,,,,,then its over.

    1. They're only sorry when they get to the "end" and that's because their gratification is coming to an end, not because of what they've done.

      These street level gangs are a world apart from the HA. Yes, they're that much lower.

    2. The Hells Angels make their money from the street level gangs. They are no better.


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