Sunday, August 26, 2018

Charges laid in Edmonton Redd Alert murder

Ellie May House was murdered on the Paul First Nation reserve outside of Edmonton August 4 2018. Global reported that Nora Flora Papin, 31, and Neil Benjamin Morin, 33, were arrested at a home on the Cold Lake First Nations and were charged with the second degree murder of Ellie. Papin and Morin are both residents of Paul First Nation.

Previously I reported that the Paul First Nation reserve outside of Edmonton has past history with Redd Alert, a First Nations gang that sells drugs for the Hells Angels. Likewise Alberta National News reported that "The recent appearance of Hells Angels-connected individuals on Cold Lake First Nation in Alberta triggered concerns among community leaders who are bracing for a possible increase in local drug use."

CBC is now reporting that "RCMP have charged two more people in connection to the homicide of Ellie May House, a 31-year-old mother who was shot to death Aug. 14 at a house on the Paul First Nation. Genie Elizabeth Bull, 25, and Lyle Kashten Buck, 23, were charged with second-degree murder Friday. Both are from Edmonton and were arrested after police were called to a weapons complaint in the northeast area of the city on Aug. 23."

"This was the same weapons complaint that resulted in a lengthy standoff Thursday at a home near 76th Street and 127th Avenue, RCMP Cpl. Laurel Scott confirmed Saturday morning. A tactical unit, negotiator and a robot equipped with cameras were used in the standoff. A 40-year-old man suffered a gunshot wound and was taken to hospital and later released. Hours after the standoff began, two women and a man left the home and were taken into custody.

Redd Alert murdered Janice Nicole Bryant in East Vancouver for the HAs to punish Glen Nelson.


  1. It is very hard to effectively deal with gangs on reserves, sadly. The locals are often very embittered to outsiders and closed to them. These prejudices create a culture of seclusion ripe for exploitation by First Nations gangs.

    1. Actually the local elders working with the police can be quite effective at confronting gang and drug violence. The local elders tend to be far more concerned with local violence than most city councils. The Hells Angels infiltrating the reservations are the foreigners that need to be eradicated.

  2. She was such a nice girl, this was heartbreaking. Her house had burned down shortly before this happened.


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