Monday, August 6, 2018

The King of Saudi Arabia has lost his mind

Well this is tragic. One of Justin Trudeau's feminists makes a simple comment about women's rights in Saudi Arabia which is nonexistent, and calls for the release of a couple of peaceful human rights activists and Saudi Arabia comes unglued. They expel Canada's diplomat, suspend flights to Toronto and starts withdrawing students from Canadian schools.

All they had to do was say yeah whatever like everyone else. This flury of insanity shows the validity of the request. A youth organization even went so far as to post an image on Twitter appearing to show an Air Canada plane heading toward the CN Tower in a way that is reminiscent of the 9/11 attacks in the US. Really?

Most of the 9/11 terrorists came in through Saudi Arabia. Their passports were denied but the CIA over ruled the denial and let them in for obvious reasons. Saudi Arabia has been the hub of arms dealing for generations. Maybe we shouldn't be selling them arms. They were supplying ISIS.

I might add that the human rights violations in China are much worse. Maybe we shouldn't be selling China nuclear reactors so they can export nuclear missiles all over the planet.


  1. 15 of the 19 hijackers were actual Saudi citizens.

  2. The Saudis are showing their true colours. Is it possible Canada will uphold our values? Time will tell.

    1. Their true colours have always been on display for those who care to see, and for others who don't to ignore.

      I know we all have busy lives, but this is an easy one. The Magic Kingdom™ doesn't change. You don't have to continually re-examine to see if things have improved, they haven't, and won't. 1000 years from now, if we have not lost patience with them and glassed the place over, the Saudi's will still be marrying their first cousins and newly minted western MD's who want to study the rarest diseases caused by inbreeding will still want a residency at King Faisal Hospital in Riyadh.

  3. It is possible Justin Trudeau's behaviour and actions, both at home and abroad, could be responsible for Saudi Arabia's actions.

    They see pictures of Trudeau marching in parades with his tongue out and fear these are the values Canada is promoting.

    It is not Canada that is the problem, nor our traditional values, but Trudeau and his personal agenda.

  4. I forgot to state how embarrassed I am, as a Canadian, of our govt, going ahead with the weapons deal initiated by Harper.


  5. Smythe, this has nothing to do with Trudeau. Its Freeland who made the tweet and Saudi Arabia's response is exactly the same as it was when Sweden and Germany criticised S.A. and their human rights record. its called economic terrorism. They use it because they can and it is meant to scare other countries into not making any negative comments regarding their human rights record.

    people complain about Iran, especially the dumpster to the south of us. Yet Saudi Arabia exports their terrorism by financing it via with their religion. S.A.'s official and only religion is Islam, but they belong to a very different sect, called Wahhabism. It is considered by some to "cause disunity in the Muslim community and a source of global terrorism."

    While other countries condemn Syria, as is right and proper, not many condemn Saudi Arabia for bombing Yemen into rubble nor killing tens of thousands of people. they don't even want to stop the bombing to vaccinate children against cholera.

    It isn't the King of Saudi arabia who is behind this, its the Crown Prince. He's on his re do of Saudi Arabia, while at the same time continuing with their usual bad behaviour. Granting women the right to drive still doesn't do anything to really free women in Saudi arabia. some countries want to fawn over the crown prince, so be it. Some fawned over Hitler and Pol Pot. Freeland did the right thing. It would be better if we didn't do business with Saudi Arabia nor sell them armaments which they will use against people who want to live a life without the restraints the crow prince wants to impose.

    Now that Saudi doctors in training are leaving the country, perhaps those 800 positions can be filled by Canadians who want to practise medicine in Canada. It may even get us a few more doctors. the Saudi's have always been able to get everything they want, even a measure of respectability because of their money. now a woman has said, not so much there boys.

    Congrats to Freeland. the crown prince of S.A. can go to hell where he has forced so many to live for so long.

    That plane heading to the C.N. tower, was no mistake. the Saudi's thought they could get away with it. They didn't think we'd object because those boys are so rich. Its rather interesting, that Canada, which took in so many Americans during 911 has been told by Trump, its between us and Saudi Arabia. Next time a bunch of Saudis decide to run an air liner in to the U.S.A. perhaps Canada ought to tell the Americans, sorry our terminals are full. Being good neighbours, is a two way street.


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