Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Alex Jones Banned from Facebook and Youtube

In all honesty I'm not sure what's going on. Seemingly Alex Jones had some material taken off facebook and youtube that was deemed hate speech. Seemingly that has created a tsunami of take downs of material going back a few years. Yes it does sound very suspect. The New York Times ran a poll that said Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest and Apple have removed Alex Jones and Info Wars from their platforms. Should twitter follow suit? That is absolutely bizarre.

Why would all those platforms remove Inforwars? That is complete censorship. Why would the New York Times run a poll asking Americans if Infowars should be banned from Twitter? Surveying public opinion on violating the First Amendment is straight out of the Twilight zone.

This is a video discussing what is going on posted not on Youtube but a new platform called real.video. This is Alex Jones official statement on the Internet purge posted on Infowars.

Usually when a large corporation censors or bans someone, that causes everyone to find out why they were banned. It increases traffic and exposure. Deleting a video or a blog post for being hateful is one thing but removing an entire news syndicate is off the wall.

One of the main stream media outlets tried to belittle Info wars because they believe 9/11 was an inside job. AYFKM? Anyone who thinks the third tower fell due to heat and fire is a brain dead idiot. Operation Northwoords was real. So was Operation Fast and Furious. We need to talk about those documents. 9/11 Lose Change and 9/11 Explosive Evidence are documentaries we all need to watch. We need to talk about the USS Liberty. That was real

Alex Jones did an excellent job on a documentary about the USS Liberty with an intro about Operation Northwoords and Hitler's use of False Flag attacks before the war showing President Johnston recalled the air support for the USS Liberty when it was under attack. Now that video has been deleted from Youtube. That is f*cked up.

Alex Jones has become known as a truther. One who exposes the false flag inconsistencies. Yet somewhere along the line he lost that vision. If 9/11 was an inside job along with the attack on the USS Liberty and if a lot of the mass shootings are orchestrated, then why on earth does he buy into the raping refugee false flag attacks? It makes no sense whatsoever. His refugee hate is feeding the false flag attacks objective. The CIA created ISIS. Literally.

With regards to the tsunami of censorship towards Alex Jones and Infowars, Facebook sucks. If Youtube is going to practice that kind of censorship then we need to find and promote other platforms that promote free speech. As consumers we need to show the monopolies that if they practice censorship, we will not use their services. We will go somewhere else.

Blow The Whistle on Chinese Communist Infiltration Of Silicon Valley

Fake News targets Russia as a smoke and mirrors distraction from China

Looking at the Confucius Institute in North America

Hillary Clinton was the author of Operation Fast and Furious

Hillary Clinton sold weapons grdae Uranium to Russia

Hillary Clinton armed ISIS - Julian Assange confirmed it.

That's why the MSM is attacking Alex Jones and Julian Assange.


  1. This is not the first time Youtube and the others have decided to censor people.

    In fact, Youtube changed it's policies recently and this has caused videos posted years ago to be deleted and people banned.

    One channel I follow is '8541 Tactical' and they explain a bit of what Youtube is doing:


    As Nicholas Lloyd relays, this is nothing new:


    Activist Mommy, who vlogs about various social and moral issues, such as exposing various sexual exploitation issues against minors, for instance, claims to have been "demonitized" by Facebook, Youtube, etc, because of her content:


    If no one can hear your voice, do you really even have one?

  2. I lived in Surrey for a very short time during the Dianne Watts "Hoopla" and I was censored by every newspaper, the Peace Arch News, the Surrey Now and the Surrey Leader, as well as CKNW and the Province.
    I am blocked by most politicians that supposedly represnt me.
    White Rock City Hall has me blocked on twitter, Surrey Now/Leader has me blocked on twitter, the majority of Surrey Council and Whiter Rock council has me blocked, John Horgan had me blocked, but had the sense to unblocke me just recently.
    The Truth is no longer tolerated, all we are suppose to do is, nod, comply and worship their lies and bullshit.

    Not going to happen.
    They have to jail me to silence me.

    Freedom of Speech.

    " I do not agree with
    what you have to say,
    but I'll defen
    to the death
    your right to say it. "

  3. I'm not an Alex Jones fan, but this deleting of previous years posts and such, for the deliberate purpose of silencing him, is the the modern equivalent of book burning.

  4. Welcome to the leftists paradise--where there's a belief in free speech--as long as youbagree with theb ollective. All media outlets mentioned above are renowned biased sources who have done thisnto many others.

    The inky reason you're hearing this now is because Jones was WAY bigger than the others. His viewership was/is massive.

    Personally I think he's just an angry man who loves guns waybtoo much. But his conservative views in ohter areas got him a large and diverse base across America that CNN would be jealous of.

  5. Too much? I think it's not possible.... ;D But you be the judge......

    Funny story:

    I once lost a girlfriend over an AK47 that I owned (legal civilian semi auto only) at that time, we were talking about cohabiting and since her apt was better than mine, we were talking about me moving in with her, really. So, we were hashing out the ground work and she says "The AK has to go, I don't want any guns in my house". (She only knew about the one.... :wink:)

    But yeah, she sealed her doom right there. "Her house" my ass. We never made that move, and I kept my AK and my others. I wouldn't be with a woman who wasn't OK with guns.

  6. I think Alex Jones is controlled opposition and this is designed to give him street credibility. I agree that he has done some "good work", but if we're honest most of that good work is about things which are so ridiculously obvious that only the most blind propaganda swallowing sheep would fall for the official story (9/11 is a good example, "news" about Syria is another example).

    Controlled opposition only works if it fools some people.

    I think that there are highly intelligent people who come up with ways to manage dissent. Common people want to be heard, to feel like issues they care about are being discussed, and people like Alex Jones are their solution for that.


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