Monday, August 6, 2018

Fascists and Anarchists clash over Nanaimo Tent City

Why is this not surprising? Extremists clash over the lawlessness of Nanaimo tent city. Each having their own hidden agenda. I support neither. The Soldiers of Odin are racists that protest immigration despite the fact that they themselves are immigrants. The supporters of Discontent City are Anarchists who don't want homes for the homeless they just want to create pockets of lawlessness like they did on the Surrey strip. The supporters of Discontent City called the Soldiers of Odin Nazis but they failed to mention that they themselves are Anarchists. Fascists and Anarchists clash all the time. Both groups are complete wingnuts.

The Action Against Discontent City is the voice of reason within that conflict. The solution is simple. Call their bluff. Build them modular homes, then get rid of the tents. Affordable housing is a colossal concern but supporting the drug trade by creating pockets of lawlessness is not the solution. Setting aside zoning for rental units is.

Implementing the New York City Crime Reduction Model in Surrey

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Surrey RCMP cleans up the Surrey strip

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  1. some months ago the provincial government was to build modular housing in south Nanaimo in the Chase River area. Neighbours freaked and protested. city who was to provide the land in the area, changed their mind. its close to civic elections time and nothing was heard about anything after that

    People then moved to the area named discontent city. city wasn't interested in providing services, but have come back from that due to health inspector concerns..

    although there were allegations of theft in the area, no sign of RCMP. Drive by the area regularly and its in a fenced area by the water and all looks relatively calm. didn't see the shit show of the "festival of hate".

    In my opinion the city should simply build the modular housing and let the chips fall where they may. Many won't be re elected anyhow. The city council in my opinion is the most dysfunctional in the province. they appear to be at each other's throats constantly and many civic dept. heads have left.

    if nothing is on tv the Monday night council meetings are the best reality show on t.v.

    many of the people at the tent city are ill, seriously ill from drug addiction. You can see it, rail thin, etc. the Salvation Army has a center in the area, but you need to be clean to stay there. Down the street is a women's low barrier shelter, Smaritian house, they are not large enough to take in all the women who need housing. In the area is also wisteria lane where a wonder ful woman runs a night soup kitchen in her back yard so people can get a coffee and some soup. this is especially valuable during winter months.

    It is extremely sad to see people addicted to drug, in dirty clothing, rail thin, looking for their next fix. Nanaimo has the highest per capita death rate due to drug overdoses, fent.

    The first responders work flat out. these calls some times have up to 9 people in attendance It would be so much less expensive to provide adequate housing the homeless wanted in areas they want, and be feed and if necessary be provided with drugs. some people are never going to get off of drugs. they are too far gone. they need medical help because many have fried their brains.

    as to the various parties at the hate fest this weekend, they need to find some jobs to keep them occupied. they do nothing to help the issues down there. the homeless aren't going to move and the anarchists just want a piece of the action, whatever that might be.

    1. Nanaimo's problem is no middle class. Its Rich or poor and the rich don't want the poor crossing the line into their realm. As long as the disparity is south of downtown no one on the north end bats an eye to it.


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