Thursday, August 30, 2018

Federal Court of Appeal crushes Trans Mountain approval

The Star Vancouver is reporting that "Three Federal Court of Appeal judges unanimously ruled Ottawa’s attempts to consult First Nations flawed and called ignoring oil tanker risks an unjustified failure. The court quashed the project’s go-ahead until the National Energy Board conducts further environmental assessment and a new consultation process is undertaken, which would delay the already-stalled project by several years, experts said."

"Minutes after the ruling, an overwhelming 99 per cent of Kinder Morgan shareholders voted to finalize their pipeline’s sale to Canada." Here's the bottom line. Justin Trudeau is a dick. He;s not just femmie, he's alt left which makes him no better and no different than the alt right. Nobody likes him any more. He is intentionally f*ck over Vancouver. You can't keep screwing people over without that eventually coming back to bite you in the ass. It's called karma.

Initially Rachel Notley was the root of the problem because she is a raging lunatic but now Justin Trudeau is connected to her at the hip and has completely abandoned the democratic process completely. No pipeline without consent. It's pretty basic. The whole problem started when John Horgan asked a simple question. We are cornered about the volume of tar sands oil that passes through BC. What are we going to do with all the petroleum coke byproduct and who's going to foot the bill for a spill?

Raging Rachel declared, you are going to foot the bill in the event of an oil spill. We're not going to cough up a dime. Well that's not right, says John. Too bad we will run ti Ottawa and force it through without your consent. That was just bad business that was insane. What's even more insane is that Justin Trudeau joined that alternative parade and is hell bent on screwing over British Colombia any way he can. Case in point, the recent drop in gas prices in Ontario.

Justin Bieber spends an obscene amount of tax dollars on the pipeline that already exists. he price of oil drops so the price of gas at the pumps in Ontario drip s but it doesn't drop in Vancouver. That is fraud. Justin Trudeau is perpetuating that fraud.

When someone is trying to sell you something and you say no, you don't want it, the salesman throws some incentive your way to try and win you over. Rachel Notley and Justin Trudeau have done the exact opposite. they has removed any incentive whatsoever and are hell bent on forcing a contract on us that is not in our best interest against our will. Before we take another step on this matter, Rachel Notley and Justin Trudeau need to be replaced.

It's not just another pipeline. It's a pipeline of unrefined tar sands oil. A pipeline already exists for Alberta tar sands oil all the way to Chicago and Detroit. Those communities don't want it because of all the petroleum coke byproduct that is produced which India will no longer take. The Keystone pipeline is already underway. The Trans mountain pipeline is exclusively for the Chinese market. Foreign ownership of our natural resources is bad business.

Justin Trudeau bought the pipeline at an inflated price from from Texas because he wants to sell it to Communist China. That is bad business and is bad for democracy. Human rights matter. Kinder Morgan is way better than Enbridge. Natural gas is way better than coal.

The more Rachel Notley speaks, the more support she loses. Initially I thought twinning the existing pipeline was a fair compromise compared to cutting a new pipeline through an old growth forest. Until Rachel Notley blew it. John Horgan just asked a couple of simple and realistic questions and Raging Rachel lost it. Completely.

John Horgan asked how do we control the volume of tar sands oil that passes through BC? She said you don't. We can pump as much as we want whenever we want. He then asked who pays for a clean up in the event of a spill? She said you do. We don't spend a dime for clean up. That is simply bad business. As soon as John Hogan says we're not comfortable with that Rachel Notley comes unglued and says we are boycotting BC wine. That is when she lost my support.

Now that the court decision has halted construction of the pipeline until a proper environmental assessment can be done she fires back with we are pulling out of climate change commitment. AYFKM? Not only are you going to sh*t on BC but you are going to say F the world and sh*t on the entire planet? Do you have any idea how insane and greedy that makes you look to the rest of the world? You are basically saying you don't give a sh*t about the environment or anyone else on the planet and demand to be able to do whatever you want whenever you want no matter who is harmed by your actions. That kind of short sighted selfishness is unprecedented.

Alberta is a landlocked province. If you want to use our port for your tar sands oil you need our consent. Claiming you can use our port without our consent without paying any compensation whatsoever is simply not reality based. I think we should start buying our oil from Russia and let Alberta's greed wither and die on the vine. We have a port. We can bring in Russian oil tankers here. At least they wouldn't over charge us for our gas at the pump like Alberta is.

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  1. Justin Bieber spends an obscene amount of tax dollars on the pipeline that already exists. he price of oil drops so the price of gas at the pumps in Ontario drip s but it doesn't drop in Vancouver.

    Is THAT Little F*cker Rich enough to play with "Da Big Boys" ?


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