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Kinder Morgan Pipeline Conflict - Solved

Update: Foshan Yoshida Casting Material Co., Ltd is a Chinese based company that sells petroleum coke. For real. The same stuff that caused a toxic cloud in Detroit. The same stuff they just kicked out of Chicago. It is the byproduct from refining Alberta Tar sands sludge. Now a company in China is trying to sell it. Who knows, maybe they'll start putting it in toothpaste.

All joking aside, if someone could find a use for petroleum coke it would save the planet and save our economy. I don't see why they can't grind it up and put it in concrete. It's just a rock for god's sake it's not radioactive. If you ground it up into a powder it would change the colour of the concrete and make it darker. The next generation for concrete towers. Super concrete :)

CBC is reporting that "Kinder Morgan's $6.8-billion, 1,150-kilometre Trans Mountain pipeline will move a mix of oil products from Edmonton to a terminal in Burnaby, B.C., near Vancouver, where it will be exported to markets in Asia." Just to be clear, twinning the existing pipeline for tar sands oil is not for domestic consumption. Which reaffirms that the second recent spike in the price of gas at the pumps in Vancouver is fraudulent. This is why we need to nationalize our oil. The foreign ownership of our oil is committing fraud and extortion with our money.

China is banning fossil fuel cars. That makes the urgency of the second pipeline to Vancouver questionable. People say if we don't approve the second pipeline they'll just send the tar sands oil to be refined in Texas. Why would that be a bad thing? That just simply means the second pipeline to Vancouver is not needed. The Keystone pipeline expansion has beeen approved.

The thing I don't like is arrogance and entitlement. We are being competently f*cked over by the oil monopoly at the pumps and that needs to be addressed. China and the US pay less for our oil than we do. Norway has a much better model.

Update: Kinder Morgan suspending non-essential activities for the Trans Mountain pipeline

Natural gas, however, is worth supporting. It is much cleaner than coal.

New Update: The Premier of Alberta says the Provincial government will build the pipeline if Kinder Morgan pulls out and the opposition agrees. That's a great idea. It's a step towards nationalization so it is. The Provincial government can form it's own oil company and the profits from that company can go to tax revenue. Now that is good business. Just like Norway.

However, the arrogance, entitlement and the extortion needs to come to an end. John Horgan has a valid point. He states "I would prefer she invest in refining capacity." Refining the tar sands crude is the concern that still needs to be addresses.

Kinder Morgan Pipeline Conflict - Solved

Alberta has gone about this deal in the completely wrong way. Trade agreements are built upon mutual trust. If you want to do business with someone first you have to build a relationship of trust. Then you have to negotiate and offer them something they want. When they express a legitimate concern you help to resolve that concern. You don't throw a temper tantrum making absurd demands of entitlement filled with threats and extortion.

John Hogan is not the villain here. Rachel Notley is. Alberta tar sands has just been kicked out of Chicago and Detroit because of the public protests over the heath hazards from the mountains of petroleum coke that is a byproduct of refining the tar sands crude. John Horgan expressed a simple concern about the volume of crude coming into BC and Rachel Notley freaked saying Alberta was boycotting BC wine. That's pretty bad people skills. All she had to do was reassure him they would take his concerns seriously and resolve them. She did the exact opposite and showed us why not having a proper agreement in place is a bad idea.

If you want to build something through our backyard you have to have our permission. If you don't have our permission you can't build anything in our back yard. It really is that simple. Previously we were told that if there is a rupture in the pipeline and oil spills into BC's fresh water, Alberta will not pay to clean it up. That's not very nice. Why would we ever agree to something like that?

If you want to build a pipeline through our back yard you have to pay the piper and obtain our permission. Instead of obtaining our permission, Rachel Notley ran to Ottawa demanding Ottawa forces the pipeline through without our permission without resolving any of our concerns. That is straight up Communism. No wonder China is taking over the Alberta Tar sands.

Another flaming concern is they jacked up the price of gas at the pump in Vancouver twice just to extort us. That has shown us why we cannot agree to this pipeline without an trade agreement that protects consumers in British Columbia from that kind of extortion in the future.

If you want to build this pipeline you have to return to the negotiating table and negotiate a trade agreement. To earn back our broken trust you have to show us an act of good faith. You have to take back the last two unwarranted price jumps at the pump and guarantee a good price for our gas. We are not going to agree to anything until we get that term written down on paper.

You had my support but your childish temper tantrum lost it. Now you must earn back our trust by showing us some good faith as opposed to threats, demands and extortion. If you refuse to do that the deal is dead in the water. If you do that, the deal still has a chance but your childish tantrums have to end and you have to negotiate a trade agreement that resolves our concerns.

No Justice, No Peace.

Alberta tar sands pipelines already exist to Chicago and Detroit.

Piles of tar-sands waste in Chicago are pissing people off

Koch-owned tar sands waste piles up in Chicago after Detroit cloud

"The substance made headlines earlier this year when a pet-coke pile that was three stories high and one block long created an ominous black cloud that floated over Detroit, Michigan. Citizens in nearby Windsor complained that they experienced respiratory problems and other ailments when the pet-coke infiltrated their water supply and floated through open windows. The byproduct, which is approximately 90 percent carbon, has started creating similar problems along the Calumet River, which runs from South Chicago to Gary, Indiana."

Chicago cracks down on piles of tar-sands waste

Public Pressure Forces Tar Sands Waste Operator Out Of Chicago

Mountain of Petroleum Coke From Oil Sands Rises in Detroit

Michigan brewery sues tar sands pipeline

"In 2010 an Enbridge pipeline burst spilling over 1 million gallons of Canadian crude oil into the Kalamazoo river. It was the largest inland oil pipeline spill in US history. Even the environmental protection agency has all but admitted that up to 168 thousand gallons of the oil will remain in the Kalamazoo river indefinitely."

Canada's Tar Sands: The most destructive project on Earth

MPs arrested at Kinder Morgan Protest

Vancouver gas fraud burns out of control

2012 Macleans: Our Chinese oil sands

2012 Financial Post: Majority of oil sands ownership and profits are foreign

2012 NY Times: Canada Clears $15 Billion Chinese Takeover of an Energy Company

2013 Vice: China Is Buying Its Way Into Canada

China National Oil Company Takeover of Nexen Will Be Costly for Canada

Kinder Morgan is based in Houston. That's why America pays less for our oil than we do.

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