Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Israel supports the Syrian Fraud

They say the first casualty of war is the truth. We saw it in Iran, we saw it in Libya, we saw it in Afghanistan and we are now seeing it in Syria. Recently Israel just launched an air strike in Syria after another suspicions chemical attack. The timing of this insane attack is absurd.

Assad has basically won. Why would he use chemical weapons on the last remaining outpost of rebels knowing full well that would enrage the international community? The answer is simple, he didn't. September 2013 Reuters reported that the CIA fabricated evidence to lure the US into war with Syria. February it was announced that since the Assad regime has gained the upper hand in the war, Israel started arming 7 different rebel groups. That was before the chemical attack.

This is about Humanity

Donald Trump has the audacity to say "This is about Humanity" as the United States prepares a reaction to the CIA's repeated use of chemical weapons in Syria to draw in US involvement. Donald Trump uttering those words is the most hypocritical statement uttered by mankind.

Since when did Donald Trump start worrying about humanity? The United States worried about humanity when they let thousands of Haitian refugees into the country after their devastating earthquake. Donald Trump killed humanity when he kicked them out and sent them in droves to Quebec which filled the Olympic stadium with refugees from America. He sure didn't care about humanity then and he sure hasn't cared about the humanitarian crisis he has created at home.

The best thing we can do for Syria is pull the CIA out and let this war come to an end. Prolonging conflict and creating thousands of refugees by displacing civilians then denying them entry into the United States just because we don't like the fact that Assad is friends with Russia is shameful.

If you don't want to let refugees into the United States, then stop creating them.

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