Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Judge jokes case 'may never, ever end' as Hells Angels civil forfeiture trial begins

CBC is reporting that "A trial that's been more than a decade in the making got underway in fits and starts Monday, as lawyers for the B.C. government attempted to make their case for forfeiture of three Hells Angels clubhouses. In his first remarks of the day, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Barry Davies joked that the case "may never, ever end," after hearing early indications from defence lawyers that they planned to object early on to evidence from the Director of Civil Forfeiture."

Like I said before, give the Nanaimo clubhouse back and keep the Kelowna clubhouse by way of consent order. The amount of criminal activity the Kelowna Chapter orchestrated out of that clubhouse was unprecedented. Then let the trial continue separately for the East Van clubhouse. That would be the right thing to do. If by some strange twist of fate anyone here is concerned with doing the right thing any more. Just sayin.

The whole seizing the proceeds of crime is a slippery slope. In LA the DEA stopped trying to disrupt street level drug trafficking and just focused on seizing the proceeds of crime. That is what we are now seeing in Metro Vancouver. They don't want to stop street level drug trafficking. They just want a percentage of the profits for letting it continue.

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