Sunday, April 29, 2018

Donald Trump supports North Korea peace talks

Well this is a positive turn of events. Donald Trump is supporting peace talks with North Korea. This is a step forward. The Olympics in South Korea were successful. The next step would be to lift the trade embargo with North Korea. That would be an act of good faith. The Helms Burton Law against Cuba was draconian. Boycotting trade with Cuba while endorsing trade with Communist China was absurd. China's human rights record is far worse that Cuba and North Korea combined. Allowing people to visit North Korea would be wise as well.

We could also invite their cultural stage presentation to Vancouver and other mayor cities across the globe. North Koreans like music. Musical exchanges would promote world peace.

Kim Jong Un crosses the line at the Demilitarised Zone.

A unified Korea is as problematic as a unified Ireland. That doesn't mean a peace agreement after the war can't be signed. North Korea is Communist. In that sense they did win the war. They successfully established a Communist state. However, South Korea is not Communist. The recent mass demonstrations calling for their former president to resign would not have been permitted in a Communist system. Neither would religious freedom or civil liberty.

In a Communist regime other political parties aren't allowed to run. That seems to work in North Korea but implementing that system in the South would be an act of war. As long as both parties can agree to the current border and the current political systems of each nation, a peace agreement can be made that allows trade and travel between the two countries.

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