Saturday, April 7, 2018

Advertising Update

Recently I announced that for the first time in 9 years I am allowing commercial ads on my blog. For the most part the ads are very credible. However, there appears to be a small glitch in the system as some of the ads I have blocked keep poping up on my blog mixed in with the others.

If you see an ad that says download something, dont. I have blocked all those and if they are appearing they are getting around the block. Common sense still prevails. Recently this ad popped up which is an illegal fraud:

It's a money making scam run on the web site. Only the root domain doesn't show the scam so you can't report them. They set up specific urls within that domain and advertise those. The one on my bog linked to the screen shot in the top of this post impersonating CBC.

On that page they illegally use the CBC trademark and impersonate them. The way you can tell it isn't CBC is by looking at the root domain in the url which says instead of Like I said most of the ads are very credible. However a few scams are slipping through the block and as always, common sense is needed for any safe surfing on the Internet. Buyer Beware.

Update: OK I figured out how to block an adwords account not just the ad so that should solve the problem. However, since scams create new websites faster than the Hells Angels think up new names for puppet clubs, some new ones may slip through before I have a chance to block them. In which case common sense would prevail. Cheers.

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  1. "scams create new websites faster than the Hells Angels think up new names for puppet clubs".

    LOL. Sig line material right there.


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