Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Infowars website hacked - Not

The drama surrounding the Alex Jones censorship is now off the hook. Some of it is fishy, while some of it expresses valid concerns. We talked about Alex Jones and Infowars getting censored from Youtube and Facebook. Taking down a hateful video about refugees is one thing but deleting a complete profile is another.

Now Alex Jones is claiming the Infowars web site is under attack and has set up a few mirrors. We remember when Laila Yuile's blog and Twitter were hacked by corporate thugs impersonating Anonymous. When your site gets hacked you can't access it. In this case Infowars has a homepage up that links to various mirrors including one to donate money to their cause. If their website was down or hacked, they wouldn't be able to maintain a homepage that links to other mirrors. Well it's not down it's under attack. I see. Kinda.

They are currently operating a new website on a new domain called NewsWars.com. If they are able to post on that domain, there is no reason they can't change the DNS name servers on their Infowars domain to that new sever and operate Infowars from there. That's the fishy part.

One blog reader referred to Alex as controlled opposition. That's starting to make sense.

Right before Inforwars changed it's homepage it had breaking news about a controversial female Jewish blogger who had also been censored from Youtube. I saw the video. She was heckling candidates accusing them of being jihadists. It was hateful. Which is ironic because previously Alex Jones has been accused of being Anti Semitic.

Personally I think Alex has lost his mind. I'm not going to hate on Alex but I am going to hate on his hate. Alex was a truther as am I. I believe 9/11 was an inside job. Michael Moore doesn't yell as much as Alex but he is also a truther. In fact he was one of the first truthers back when we all thought he was crazy. When he implied 9/11 was an inside job in his movie Fahrenheit 9/11, that was too far fetched for most of us to believe at the time. Now we know better.

Alex Jones started off as a truther but has gone off on a bizarre tangent of hate. The purpose of 9/11 was to generate fear and hate. That same fear and hate is what Alex Jones is now selling and I'm sorry but I'm not buying it. I still believe 9/11 was an inside job.

One of the concerns that Alex has raised is the fact that Google has moved it's headquarters to Communist China. Well not their headquarters but they have opened up another office there.

The Post and Courier is reporting that "Ever since the Intercept revealed that Google has been secretly working with Beijing to build a censored search engine, code-named Dragonfly, the company has faced unprecedented public criticism and internal angst. Members of Congress and Google’s own employees are demanding explanations from an unusually silent leadership team led by chief executive Sundar Pichai, the reported mastermind behind Google’s multifaceted expansion into China, which includes partnering on artificial intelligence."

I can understand why Google would want to break into the Chinese market. I can understand why Google would in turn design them a censored search engine. Using that technology outside of China is a valid concern for all of us. The solution is simple: supply and demand. We really do need more than one search engine and more than one video sharing platform. If one company censors like the newspapers do, then we can change to another one that doesn't.

Apple moves to store iCloud keys in China, raising human rights fears

Suicide at Chinese iPhone factory reignites concern over working conditions

Update: The Infowars web site is back up with no mention of the hack and Twitter has suspended Alex for seven days for posting a video that incites violence without deleting any of his tweets.


  1. From the first time I saw Michael Moore I knew he was the real thing. Jones not so much. He some times calls it information, like during divorce proceedings. don't know what he brings to the table beyond a lot of yelling and hate.

    Now google working with the Commist Chinese government on censorship is not good. It means they are not a good and decent corporate citizen. They have chosen their side and its money before human rights. They ought to be called out for it and if there was anything their home country could do about it, it would be a good thing. When Goggle starts this type of thing, which country will be next.....

    1. Yes but you like Michael Moore because he's left wing and you don't like Alex Jones because he's right wing. We still need to rise about the left and right tunnel vision.

    2. I like Moore because of his politics and yes, its left but its also human. His film with about the head of GM might be considered left, but it was also about people's ability to work in a fair manner. Yes, his message is mostly left.
      It isnt that I dont like Jones because he's right wing, its because he yells, preaches hate and then went on to suggest some of the school shootings weren't "real". I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I do know there is much that governments and massive corporations hide from the public so they can continue to be in control and make money. Many on the left and right believe that and agree on it. My problem with the right, is they always want to cut taxes for corporations and cut benefits for kids and seniors and the disabled. Now there are righ wing governments in europe which are able to continue to provide social programs, but in north american not so much.

      right and left are sometimes not so far apart. In the U.S.A., Dems and GOP aren't that different. In Canada, the old P.C. party and the others weren't that different on a number of topics. In Europe, ditto.

      I'm more of a socialist and in my opinion you can be left and right and be a socialist. The disagreement usually comes on how to achieve that.

    3. I have to admit that I never understood US Republican's fear of public medical. Public medical isn't a Communist plot to take over the free world. It is a British tradition.

      For the most part, Socialism is a lie just like Communism is. However, James Connolly was a "Communist" who believed in a free republic. That made him completely different than the others.

  2. FCC shuts down Liberty Radio, Alex Jones' pirate flagship radio station https://ti.me/2KWyezL?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=social-button-sharing


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