Friday, August 31, 2018

Drake wearing Hells Angels support gear

This is not new news. I reported on it July 1st when Smoke Dawg was shot dead in Toronto but was aware of it long before that. I guess that's why Kim gave the story to Nick. "B.C.’s top gang cops say they’re concerned about the message Toronto rapper Drake is sending his fans by wearing the support gear of a violent motorcycle gang."

Can we not see the irony in the timing of this smoke and mirror press release? Breaking news, Alberta Gang Task force bust another full patch Edmonton Hells Angel with 5 kilos of cocaine. Meanwhile back on the ranch, the compromised BC Gang Task force says Drake posted a picture on Instagram in support gear. AYFKM? Drake wearing support gear is a colossal concern and I will get into that but first lets look at the obvious.

The Alberta Gang Task force just announced that they busted another Hells Angels drug trafficking ring out of Edmonton. They obviously didn't let the EPS in on it. In 2016 the Alberta Gang task force caught another full patch Edmonton Hells Angel with 2 kilos of cocaine and dismantled the cocaine ring supplying the Whiteboy Pose. Later that year they dismantled a million dollar stolen property ring tied to the Edmonton Hells Angels.

In contrast the BC Gang Task force hasn't lifted a finger to arrest Hells Angels for drug trafficking since the Kelowna Summer Jam back in 2012. Ever since then they have been aiding and abetting their drug trafficking in BC while they send out meaningless smoke and mirror press releases to make it look like they are doing something when they clearly are not.

I didn't report Drake wearing support gear at the time because I like Drake and didn't want to advertise his bad decision. I mentioned it when Smoke Dawg was shot dead because it was relevant to is murder. Now Drake wearing support gear isn't only in bad taste it is mocking the murder of his friend. Drake is publicly endorsing cocaine trafficking. That is what he is doing. Not only that but he has foolishly chosen a side in that industry which could in reality come back to cap him in the ass. Promoting the drug trade in his position is simply greed and indulgence.

Filming himself donating to charity does not make up for his public promotion of the drug trade. "For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?"


  1. Drake is so fake he shits plastic..flashing gang signs..lmfao

  2. Well, Hollywood has promoted drugs, gang activity, 'pimping", rap etc. as "cool". And if Hollywood says it's cool, then it's all good, right? It's not like Hollywood or the entertainment industry would promote some unhealthy BS just to put $$ in it's pocket, right? :biggrin:

    It turns out your parents were right. Sucks, but there it is....

    1. Hip hop, like all music, can be a powerful influence for good or evil:

    2. Very true - and the promotion of gangster rap is troubling (and then people wonder why their kids act the way they do ...).


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