Saturday, August 18, 2018

Doug Ford on legal pot and gun control

I don't like Doug Ford for obvious reasons. His brother was an abusive drunk and a chronic crack addict while Doug stood right beside him. I have no problem with him being a right wing conservative. I have a problem with him being a wing nut. However, as I keep saying, although no two people agree on every issue, likewise no two people disagree on every issue either.

I agree with Doug Ford's administration of legalized pot. As we know, I didn't support legalization, I supported decriminalization. However, since legalization is upon us, I support the free market. In Ontario, Doug Ford has handed over distribution of legal pot to the private sector and I agree with that move. I'm not sure why he would slash the number of Toronto city councilors by half but privatized pot is good for everyone. Privatized power is not. I support public power.

I do NOT agree with Doug Ford's position on gun control. I believe in the New York Model for crime reduction and the Swiss Model for gun control. I do not believe in the Amsterdam model for crime promotion and Hitler's model for gun control. Implementing the New York crime reduction model is the most effective way to deal with gang and gun violence known to man. Although I didn't like Stephen Harper, I totally agreed with his elimination of the long gun registry.


  1. Ford cut the Toronto City council in half, because it eliminated a lot of opposition. I see Gordon Campbell's fine fingers in that one. If you are going to make major changes in a province, you first cut the legs out from under any organized opposition. By eliminating half the council it eliminated half those politicians, their staff, their organizational people, their funding sources, their media contacts, etc. It was a smart move although very undemocratic. it also sent a message to all those councils who may oppose him. Oppose me and you will disappear as a political entity.

    Campbell did that in B.C. when he came to office by breaking the contract with the HEU and fired 9 thousand people, the majority of them women and thus making it the biggest mass firing of women in Canadian history. That reduced the opposition and told the rest of the public sector unions, I'll do it next to you if you oppose me too strongly.

    Why do you think the Bilderberg organization invited Campbell as only the second Canadian to attend their conference.

    One of the first things we heard after Ford was elected, was that he had hired el gordo as his advisor. made sense to me. You don't put an idiot in control without some strong restraints and that's el gordo. I'm sure the power brokers in Ontario wouldn't have permitted it any other way.

    I may detest el gordo, but he is smart, educated, and international. Ford is simply a bofoon.

    So it most likely wasn't Ford's idea to privitize pot, that would have been el gordo. Having private shops sell pot is a great idea because those who laboured to make it legal and sell it ought to be able to reap the rewards from their work. However, my money says within 5 years all pot will be sold by large chains, many of them foreign owned. What makes me think that? Well look back at what el gordo did with B.C. Hydro and the Ipps and B.C. Rail.

    As to gun control you know m opinion, and Canada is not Switzerland and you can not recreate the swiss society in Canada.

    1. I remember reading Doug Ford hired Gordon Campbell. Gordon Campbell is not a good man. I still don't get the move. Toronto City Council doesn't have any jurisdiction over what he does as Premier of the province.

    2. they don't have influence over provincial affairs, however, they are a political force to be reckoned with. The council has member from the left, right and middle. Should they become unhappy with what Ford is doing they have a political "machine" with which to take him on. These councillors have staff, money organizations, etc. Now if you want to reduce your opposition to what you are going to do you get rid of the opposition or at least half it. These politicians are now also going to be fighting with each other for the next few months to see who get the remaining seats, not organizing against anything Ford is going to do. it makes political sense. It also sends a message to any city/town council, if they oppose Ford they could too could "disappear".

      Ford has plans for Ontario, or rather his supporters. Some of those plans include using land, which is currently green space and farms and using it for "development". Lots of local politicians won't be happy, but if they're afraid to do much because their positions are going to be disappeared, then of course they may keep more quiet. Its just plain old politics, reduce your opposition and there will be fewer voices to oppose what you plan to do.

      Its not like the cost of the Tornto city council came out of the Provincial budget. So what is left? Politics and getting rid of your opposition and the Toronto City council is a huge political force in Ontario, especially if they reach out to the other councils. Obviously ford has something in mind or rather the forces behind him and they want Toronto City council neutered.

  2. How could anyone ever be opposed to firing worthless politicians.

    1. Firing "worthless politicians" is the same as firing democracy...that's why

  3. I'd vote for Ford in a hot second if he ran for p.m.


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