Saturday, October 19, 2019

Fentanyl, cocaine and crystal meth seized in Vernon, Enderby and Revelstoke

The Salmon Arm Observer is reporting that "Six pounds of fentanyl, cocaine and methamphetamine were seized last week along with $30,000 after a month-long investigation into people believed to be behind supplying drug trafficking houses and dealers in Vernon, Enderby and Revelstoke. 'Investigators worked hard to identify those believed to be responsible for supplying drugs to several dealers and locations,' Targeted Policing Sgt. David Evans said. 'This type of enforcement is part of our commitment to targeting drug trafficking at all levels in the community.'” Well done. That is called Law enforcement. Too bad we don't do that in Surrey. Yet.

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  1. Promotions to all of those officers! they did it in a month! amazing. just shows the rest it can be done. they targeted the suppliers and put them out of business. Congrats to them.


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