Saturday, September 25, 2021

ALERT dismantles fentanyl superlab

The Edmonton Journal is reporting that "Police have shut down a drug superlab in rural southern Alberta, seizing more than $300 million worth of drugs and precursors in the province’s biggest fentanyl bust to date." This is what the CFSEU doesn't do.

More than 31 kilograms of the chemicals were found after officers carried out 13 search warrants near Aldersyde on July 7, the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team (ALERT) announced Wednesday at its Edmonton headquarters. Another 7,600 kg of chemicals used in fentanyl production, 18 handguns, a rifle, $25,000 in cash and jewelry, six vehicles, four motorcycles, three trailers and a boat were seized during the operation dubbed Project Essence.”

"Asked about whether the government is considering following B.C.’s lead by making safer, legal opioids available by prescription — as the bust will diminish the available supply — Ellis said Alberta won’t be following suit." That's because they have a brain.

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